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I’m Susann. Pronounced almost as Su(e)-Sun but with a double ‘n’ at the end to soften it. In my family they call me San (or Sun). I have 2 cousins and an aunt with the same first name… on one side of the family and we were all named after my grandmother. The other 3 all call themselves Susan. Do you understand why I had to have that extra ‘n’ at the end of my name now?


I’m married to an Irishman🍀 for almost 12 years now. He stood by my side through 6 years of infertility treatments and 2 kids through surrogacy.

My girls are now 6 and 4. The eldest, Lexa, loves Barbie and everything shiny and pink. She is also our little actress with one advert to her acting credits. Lily loves Spider-Man – and she loves to say “I don’t know” and “go away mommy” but she also gives the best kisses. We also have 3 black cats named Penny, Sandton and Coco.

We live in Johannesburg in a beautiful old house my husband renovated. I have my own cactus garden and currently attempting to grow vegetables.

I’m into

  • I love cats! We’ve adopted cats from the SPCA and Kitty & Puppy Haven
  • Passport stamps and dragging my family to places my husband never wants to see again. I can put up a tent by myself but obviously prefer hotels with a view
  • Snap, snap, snapping photos with my iPhone, Instax Mini or Instax Mini LiPlay
  • Eating vegetarian 90% of the time – and love Fry’s as my junk food
  • I drink cocktails and wine (and this includes gin, vodka, rum)
  • I love jewellery, sunglasses, handbags and jean pants (I have lots of jean pants)
  • I love shopping online!

My kids are into

  • Barbie, Frozen (I don’t know how I let this happen), My Little Pony and so much more
  • Hearing me say OUCH! after stepping on Lego
  • Play-Doh, duh
  • Painting and colouring
  • Dresses and sunglasses
  • Spider-Man

Work with the Living Our Sunshine family

I’m open to working with brands and companies on campaigns and try out new products.
Delivery Address: Please email me
Email: hello@livingoursunshine.com

Lexa & Lily’s Yourube channel!


  • SA Parenting Blog Awards 2022: Travel & Photography – Commended
  • Top 50 Most Valued Opinion Award Winner 2019
  • SA Blog Awards: Best Educational Blog Runner Up, 2018
  • #MommyHero award – Happy Event, 2018

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