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I’m Susann. Pronounced almost as Su(e)-Sun but with a double ‘n’ at the end to soften it. In my family they call me San (or Sun). I have 2 cousins and an aunt with the same first name… on one side of the family and we were all named after my grandmother. The other 3 all call themselves Susan. Do you understand why I had to have that extra ‘n’ at the end of my name now?

I’m married to an Irishman🍀 for almost 11 years now. He stood by my side through 6 years of infertility treatments and 2 kids through surrogacy.

My girls are now 5 and 3. The eldest, Lexa, is obsessed with Elsa and sings Let It Go 1000 times a day. She is also our little actress with one advert to her acting credits. Littles, or Kitten, loves cats and her Barbies – and she loves to say “I don’t know” and “go away mommy” but she also gives the best kisses. We also have 2 black cats, Penny and Sandton. They are both adopted from animal shelters and have very distinct personalities.

We live in Johannesburg, without a garden… and lockdown has highlighted the need for our own green space. So, fingers crossed.

2021 will be our year of staying at home, exploring our own country again and growing my business www.geekmedia.co.za.

I’m into

  • I love cats! We’ve adopted cats from the SPCA and Kitty & Puppy Haven
  • Passport stamps and dragging my family to places my husband never wants to see again. I can put up a tent by myself but obviously prefer hotels with a view
  • Snap, snap, snapping photos with my iPhone, Instax Mini or Instax Mini LiPlay
  • Eating vegetarian 90% of the time – and love Fry’s as my junk food
  • I drink cocktails and wine (and this includes gin, vodka, rum)
  • I love jewellery, sunglasses, handbags and jean pants (I have lots of jean pants)

My kids are into

  • Barbie, Frozen (I don’t know how I let this happen), My Little Pony and so much more
  • Hearing me say OUCH! after stepping on Lego
  • Play-Doh, duh
  • Painting and colouring
  • Dresses and sunglasses

Work with the Living Our Sunshine family

I’m open to working with brands and companies on campaigns and try out new products.
Delivery Address: Please email me
Email: hello@livingoursunshine.com

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