Since the arrival of the kid in October she has changed our lives dramatically. Sleeping and quiet is a luxury, the cats still don’t like the intruder but has started peeking at her in the stroller when she is sleeping and we don’t go out at night anymore.

  • She has grown so much that we’ve had to drop the cot level down so she can’t swing from the mobile.
  • She has also started to chow rice porridge. It looks revolting, but she likes it.
  • She can now aim and grab something specific.
  • She also has toys she prefers.
  • She now wears clothes for 6+ months.
  • She definitely recognises us and attempts to strike up conversations – which is hilarious.

Husband is absolutely in love with Lexa. He volunteers for the really disgusting diapers that come along more often nowadays…you know, those ones filled with solids. He likes to have his cuddle times – even if she screams at the top of her lungs into his ears.

Lexa foot in mouth

I’m hoping that this will be the year where I will have more good news. I really need that, I am quite tired of being disappointed after a treatment cycle. If you missed my post about my fragmented embryo, you can still read it here.

We are doing another high court application for an extension of the surrogacy agreement to see if the one frozen embryo will take.



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