I have been promising to write about my experience with BaoCare Radiance for some time now – and here it finally is…

I’ve used facial oil before, but this is the first time I’ve used a product with baobab oil as an ingredient. However, I’m quite keen to try new products and if they happen to come from the far north… a little bit intrigued.

BaoCare Radiance - South African Beauty Blogger

Visible difference

Day 1 with the BaoCare Radiance my skin literally slurped up the oil and absorbed it. I used 2 drops and my skin didn’t feel oily (as if when you put on vitamin E oil). If I can describe the feeling it is like putting on a night cream, but one that doesn’t feel heavy.

By day 3 there was a visible change to my skin. It didn’t look as dull and dry – plus it was super soft. My wrinkles (yes, I have those) were soft and less visible too. I’m now using the BaoCare Radiance oil on my face, neck and decolletage and it takes 3 or 4 drops.

I actually started getting compliments about my skin – which is a first for me.

  • “Your skin is glowing”
  • “Are you doing something different? Your skin looks beautiful!”

This photo has no filter or brightness adjustment and was taken after about 2 weeks of using the BaoCare Radiance. I had foundation on, but it’s not heavy, with no special techniques – everyday quick make-up. PS. don’t try to guess my age as even on my worst days I look younger – focus on the middle of my forehead and on my nose bridge between the eyes as here I usually have deep lines.

BaoCare used by South African Beauty Blogger

The BaoCare Radiance retails for under R200 and is available from www.baocare.co.za, Wellness Warehouse and Faithful to Nature.

What’s in the product?

It is 100% natural and is made up of a luxurious blend of oils for mature skin (40+). The small brown seed found in the fruit pod contains the oil that is cold-pressed from it.

  • Baobab oil – moisturising and helps to regenerate skin cells
  • Jojoba – helps with elasticity abd softens the sin
  • Pomegranate – protects against damage from UV light, promotes collagen synthesis and skin repair

BaoCare promises to be free from synthetic chemical ingredients and parabens.

The BaoCare range

  • Radiance
  • 100% Pure Baobab Oil
  • Tissue Oil
  • Eczema Skin Care
  • Acne Skin Care

Culture of caring

The baobab oil is wild-harvested in the heart of baobab country, Limpopo, by (mostly) women from the Venda communities in the area. EcoProducts, the manufacturers of BaoCare, also support pre-school crèches and the Baobab Guardians Program, a baobab tree planting initiative

About baobab trees

Baobabs are very hardy and can survive harsh, near desert conditions. It has adapted to its environment by learning how to conserve water. It is unlike other trees as it can regenerate its own damaged bark. Its fruit (yum) and leaves are exceptionally nourishing. Plus these trees live for a really long time.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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