Here I am at 13:30 on a Monday afternoon in bed. Thankful to have the pressure off my spine but dreading that I will have to go back to work tomorrow and sit at my desk – and compress that tender part. I know you want to ask why but just want to be polite and not ask…

Saturday I decided to test out my skills as a stunt woman (not really) and then I slipped and fell down from the top of the stairs…on my left cheek (butt). I might’ve been better if I didn’t hop into the air and land on my cheek multiple times.Thankfully my head didn’t make contact with anything.

My left cheek has a deep red/maroon/purple/blue/black patch bigger than my hand. The chiro put strips on it to help drain the blood faster. My neck and back is also back to where they should be, but I would be lying if I said it doesn’t hurt like hell right now.

That kid…

I have now officially been kicked out of my spare room cupboards. Husband finished painting the kid bedroom and unceremoniously moved my clothes into the spare-spare room that has no mirror. I wish he would put cupboards into our upstairs loft room. It is so cold in that room.

That kid now has a stroller and thingy-magigy-bob that goes into the stroller and acts as a safe car seat. She has a bed with almost all the required bedding. She also has a nice starter cupboard filled with clothes and toys…

My favourite toy is the cat that comes with Sophie la Girafe – Lazare. That cat is cute. Not that Sophie isn’t adorable, but I am a cat person. You say cat and I show you a 1000 pictures of my beautiful cats.

What about…?

After last month’s try and failure I am still sad/angry/disappointed, but I have to do it again. We have come too far for me to think that I don’t have enough courage to try again and again and again.

There’s so many things that life is, and no matter how many breakthroughs, trials will exist and we’re going to get through it. Just be strong. Mary J. Blige

I actually don’t know if I would know when we should stop. Maybe it is after the frozen one is alive, maybe it is after it is born – I just don’t know.


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