2015 silently arrived in the night without much fanfare – I think. I was asleep with my kittens all hidden around the house and my beloved 14 year old cat, Genie, in my arms.

This morning I saw evidence of fireworks at the bottom of the complex – hopefully the beach is clean this morning.

Tomorrow we are back in Joburg and I am looking forward to the bigger house and I’m sure the cats would appreciate some space from each other too. They are looking quite miserable at day 10 of the beach holiday.

It’s a long winding road

We (obviously) drive between the 2 cities with our 3 cats in tow, so I have 7 hours of keeping myself busy in the car. To my husband’s annoyance I sing every song I know and skip over ones that I don’t know. I also incessantly ask if he is ok and if he wants me to drive his precious car – the answer has never been yes. I am also the designated server of snacks and drinks.

First thing I want to do when back in Joburg… soak in my bath (that was made for a short person) with lots of bubbles and candles – and a tall glass of orange juice.


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