I have thought long and hard while walking on the beach last week about what I want to achieve with my blog, so you can expect a few big changes. I think I finally have direction…

I am always amazed at how amazing the weather is down in KZN in winter. I know, I have been living between Salt Rock & Jozi for almost 4 years and shouldn’t be surprised, but still – it is like a miracle you know.

#WinterWarmer: Community Upliftment Project

Today I went to the Rosebank Methodist Church on Sandton Drive to check out one of their community initiatives. Be on the lookout for tags like on the picture. Each item is marked with the name of the crafter – so that is quite nice.


The ladies are all from Alex and earn a living from their knitting & crochet skills. Their handiwork is available directly from the church and from a few high-end stores in Joburg like Art Africa and on the Good Things Collective website.


Humpty Dumpty News

It’s been just over 2.5 weeks since I fell down the stairs and after 4 visits to the chiro I feel OK-ish. I can walk normally again, but my neck still gets quite sore and tight. If I sit down too long during the day, I pay for it that night.

I am however very happy with my recuperation. J

I hate work – because of her

You know when you have that gut-wrenching feeling when you think about work because of a colleague? Well, I decided to do something about my work bully. I will no longer take her nonsense and 5 mood swings a day. I will protect my colleagues from her and be the wall.


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