Have you ever had such a bad day that you stuffed your face with anything within reach – and the next day you have a breakout of note? It still happens to me!

The times I have a product to test that will address my skin problems, I am happiest. Previously I have written about BaoCare Radiance and its quick “rejuvenation” of my skin and today I’m talking acne/zits/karbonkels/the eew stuff.

I know the power of baobab oil, but when it is combined with tea tree, calendula and evening primrose you have a host of anti-microbial properties in one concentrated product. BaoCare Acne contains high levels of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid used in the biosynthesis of prostaglandins which in turn sends chemical signals that summon white blood cells (Source: Wikipedia) that helps to balance sebum (icky stuff) production. I sound pretty smart now, right?

BaoCare Acne has a pleasant, soft fragrance and is gentle on the skin. For best results I would recommend applying it twice daily after cleansing. Because it contains tea tree oil, avoid sensitive skin around the eyes.

Is it worth the buy?

Yes! I would never hesitate in recommending BaoCare products. They even have it in a small 10ml size if you would like to first try a little before spending the big bucks.

My breakout (which can turn really ugly) subsided within 24 hours. I’m still treating it with BaoCare Acne to have no return breakouts.

I know there are some last minute gift shoppers out there, so I’m going to share some ideas that you can order today still and get in time for the weekend (hopefully). Mostly they won’t break the bank either 🙂

BaoCare Radiance

Help your mom (or yourself) to have a softer skin. I have used it for over 3 weeks and I can see the difference. My skin is literally glowing and less wrinkly. I still have a full post in my drafts about my experience with this Baobab, Jojoba & Pomegranate product all the way from Limpopo. (Retails at R182)

Find a stockist or buy online here.

BaoCare - The Whimsical Whippet Stoneglow Diffuser - South African Blogger and Freelance Writer Susann Deysel

Don’t be shy to add a make-up bag or something else from the range to your shopping – when you support them, you support local people.

Matsimela Home Spa Products

It’s not just bath salts and bath bombs. When you look at their website you will discover their little secret – they actually have amazing products that are affordable.
Yes, this is some of my own personal stash – after it was raided multiple times by family. The big tubs in the back… that is my dirty little secret to being relaxed.

Matsimela Home Spa The Whimsical Whippet Stoneglow Diffuser - South African Blogger and Freelance Writer Susann Deysel

If you can’t make it to a Matsimela retail store, buy it online.

They also have a promo with a free rose gold bag if you buy any of the Mother’s Day gift sets. Prices on the website start at around R55 and gift sets from R250. This will inspire you a little:

Light a candle, make a room smell pretty

I posted a while ago about what is on my desk and you would’ve spotted a Shearer Candle (Tropical Watermelon, R340).

South African Blogger and Freeland writer Susann Deysel
However, I picked up something from that I fell in love with the first time I saw it, a diffuser from Stoneglow. It has the message “And so the Adventure Begins” on and smells very sweet (sweet rose and pink proscecco). This costs R460, but prices start from around R130 for something smaller but just as fragrant. For your own mom, or yourself, you will find something that is perfect.

The Whimsical Whippet Stoneglow Diffuser - South African Blogger and Freelance Writer Susann Deysel