I want people to ask why I wasn’t there at the end
Why I didn’t read a beautiful letter
Didn’t speak through tears on my cheek
I want them to ask why your children didn’t visit like before
Why you weren’t welcome anymore

I want people to know that you weren’t the person they thought they knew
I want them to see you the way I see you without her

I won’t see you again
I won’t be at your funeral
I won’t write a letter
or shed a another tear

Just like you didn’t love me from my first breath
You didn’t love her at her last
You forgot to care that our world got ripped apart
Your mask had slipped
That is how I will remember you

So I guess that’s it then dear dad

I grew up thinking I was a disappointment, an unwanted girl
I grew up seeing you choose your family and friends’ sons over me
I grew up seeing you leave my court to watch them toss a ball
I grew old and still can count the times you visited on a single hand

I stood by you when I thought you needed it most
I didn’t yet know you betrayed us in her final hours
I didn’t know how far you would fall

You didn’t know that I still look at her in the mirror
and you didn’t know that I could walk away

I just wanted you to know that dear dad

I didn’t realize it at the time, but that would be the last time I would see him. That thought only hit home as I stood in my closet a few months later with a tiny folded white piece of paper from my mom. 

She possessively snaked around him as we pulled up to the house on the mountain. He stood there with his hand on a little boy’s head, not stepping forward.

It was an awkward moment that reminded me that I would never be a son that he always wanted and that I would always matter less than other people’s children. 

As we sat in the living room of the home my mom once occupied, I was determined to keep the tears from escaping – while that woman smugly sat there with her hand possessively on his arm with a defiant look of victory.

He was oblivious to my hurt. He was oblivious to what sat next to him. 

I remember standing there shoving things into our car, tears streaming down my face. He didn’t want anything that was hers. He didn’t want to be reminded of the family that he had. He wanted to move on with that woman and her children and grandchildren. His new family.

As my dad and I hugged for the last time the dam of emotions escaped through my mouth. I desperately wanted him to hear me this time, I yelled at him but he just stood there. I could see he was hurt that I didn’t accept his relationship – just like the ones he had since before she passed. I could see that my words didn’t find a place to land.

As we drove down the mountain in a car full of my mom’s things, I cried. I could barely see the scenic road back to my older sister’s house. 

I spilled it all in front of my sister’s teenagers. The women, the cheating, the lies – and now this woman that would be the last straw for a family that lost the one that mended clothes and broken hearts.

Communication between us died down to a trickle after that day. The daily calls I made since her passing stopped. I would sometimes send photos of my kids in the hope that it would spark a longing for family. It never did. He decided to marry that woman and be with that family instead.

Last week I stood in the closet of our new house with a shoe box full of bits and bobs when I spotted a tiny folded piece of paper. My heart jumped because I recognized her handwriting. All the note said was ‘vir San’. It must’ve come from something she gave me years ago.

As I sat on the cold tiles in the middle of the walk-in, I was overcome with sadness. I had lost both my parents in that hospital in 2019. The one  bravely fought until the end to stay whilst the other had already planned on moving on with a new life.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, rejection still hurts.

Who had a BIG sigh of relief after the family meeting last night? I don’t think anyone would have appreciated anyone standing between us and a holiday that we have needed since all of this started – right?

We are staying home this Christmas. We still have too much to do and well, the house is a black hole for money (I’m not complaining, I’m just broke). Please cheer me up and tell me about your amazing holiday plans!

Bush Villas on Kruger Special

Book a a Luxury Villa for R2550 (was R3200) per night for up to 6 guests for stays during 16-20 December 2021. R450 for extra adults and R200 for extra children in the larger villas.

Plus they have some space for stays from 29 December.

Contact, join them on Facebook or Instagram.

Johannesburg Markets to visit

I’ve rounded up details for some of Joburg’s newest and oldest markets so you can have a fun festive shopping experience before Christmas. READ MORE

A taste of Joburg’s only winery

If you still don’t know about Gerakaris Family Wine 🍷🍷🍷 in Joburg… here is your reminder that we have a winery in our fair city. After the grapes arrive they are put through the process right here where you can also book a wine tasting. READ MORE

Spier Tasting Room at Indaba

I went home with #2 and a slab of chocolate because I want to relive this experience many more times. The experience is comparable to what you would get in Cape Town 🍷🍷🍷 READ MORE

Sunrise Society

Sunrise Society, a social club, had its first meet for a delicious chocolate and wine pairing at the Tasting Room @ Indaba Hotel. We were a small group, but seeing friendly faces over a beautiful glass of wine was a welcome sight after 2 years of no socials.

Join the FB group or WhatsApp group now to join us on our next adventure in Jozi.

Voortrekker Monument

Please, someone stop me, because I want to go see the “lewende laer” because… READ MORE

Visit the Eiffel Tower

More good times locked in with the kids in Harties. READ MORE

Upside Down House

Don’t even get me started about walking upstairs – or is it downstairs up??? READ MORE

Hello Barbie Fashionista

Guess who was so excited when a Barbie Fashionista house was delivered? Me! Then the kids saw it and now I can just look at them play with it.

Even more Barbie news! Barbie Mega Constux has hit the shelves and I spent all last week building the sets I was sent. Look out for my Instagram Stories and highlights plus the post later this week.

Give me some JAN yum

I recently discovered Jan’s free recipes – and now I am obsessed. I want to try the 12 pap recipes (because pap). VISIT JAN

Tasting Room at Indaba Hotel

I invited my social club members, Sunrise Society, to join me for a 10am wine and chocolate tasting experience for R70 per person (4 wines, 3 chocolates). It’s quite an experience as it is actually backed by Spier – and it is almost the same as being in the Cape (except that it’s a lot closer to home).

Tip*: You can buy the chocolate and wine you loved most during a wine and chocolate wine pairing experience

I went home with #2 and a slab of chocolate because I want to relive this experience many more times. The experience is comparable to what you would get in Cape Town.

Gerakaris Family Wines

Tip*: Order a platter to go with your wine tasting experience

This little winery in the heart of Joburg is one of my favourite places to take clients to. It is set between a nursery and artisanal shops in a quiet street.

More places to have wine tasting experiences at in Johannesburg

Yay for having the Johannesburg perfume sale! Plus better parking and well, closer to me 🙂 Let me know which perfumes you are hoping to snag at the sale.

Johannesburg perfume sale dates 2021

Remember to sanitise and mask up.

This is why they’ve moved venue:

  • A significantly larger and better ventilated sale venue than previous sale venues• Immense external grounds facilitate efficient queue management with adequate and comfortable social distancing
  • A highly experienced external Events Management Company coupled with internally appointed Covid Marshalls and Officers to ensure crowd control, capacity and all other level 1 restrictions are adhered to
  • Checking of all vehicles at the entrance to ensure that occupants are wearing masks and access will be denied if this is not adhered to
  • Covid-19 screening stations to screen our teams and customers • A visible ‘Covid-19 Screened’ sticker, properly placed mask and hand sanitising is required before gaining access to the sale area
  • Visible COVID-19 signage throughout the venue
  • Hand sanitizers throughout the venue for the convenient use of customers and team members• Practicing physical distancing and limiting the number of shoppers at one time• Frequent disinfectant cleaning in all areas including high-touch areas such as testers, cosmetic stations and card payment devices
  • Offering contactless payment options• Testers contain plus 70% alcohol and are available for you to experience the products. Masks can be dropped for testing and replaced when browsing and walking around the venue
  • The high majority, of our team working on the sale have been double vaccinated against covid 19

Why, the one time that my tar-pit of anger could’ve been an asset, was I stuck in self-quarantine? I could’ve been out there being a barrier, instead I have had to read about the plundering. Maybe me being stuck at home was so I didn’t end up in jail.

That said, did you read about the SPCA in Germiston/Bedfordview? I donated to that. Maybe also check in on the Durban/Coastal SPCAs if you have the means to donate.

Did you join the RebuildSA volunteer group? I did and added my name to the list of volunteers. When what I can do is needed, I will be there.

Instead of completely dividing South Africans, these dark days may have pushed us together even more because I have seen the unlikeliest of heroes… Never in my life will I swear at a taxi driver for cutting in front of me again (and I will keep my finger in check too).

The kids are home for the Winter break, spending time indoors, getting creative and keeping warm is great, yet things get messy, quickly. Chux cleaning products will help with the mess so you can keep up with the fun!

Arts and crafts, movies and popcorn, baking and roasting marshmallows around the fire! Keeping the kids entertained is busy work and there is no reason why cleaning up afterwards can’t be quick and easy.


Annoying when people leave car door marks on my car #chux #momlife #lifehacks #fixit

♬ original sound – Susann Deysel

Here are some quick tips to keep it clean!

  • Get the kids to help, it can be fun. Make a game of it!
  • A steady stream of snacks and keeping food warm in winter means stubborn baked on food splatter in your microwave. Simply use a moistened Chux Magic Eraser block to remove the grease and grime without having to use any chemicals.
  • Kids white sports shoes looking worn out? A Chux Magic Eraser will bring them back to life and they will look like new.

The memories of a great holiday will remain, while CHUX® will help you clean #likeitneverhappened.

Now available in Dis-Chem too.

Chux® helps make the big chores smaller. Chux® offers an extensive range of quality cleaning accessories to help you tackle any cleaning challenge around your home.

Regardless of your preferred cleaning routine, no matter the mess … there’s a Chux® for whatever life Chux® at you.

ChuxSouthAfrica #LikeItNeverHappened #forwhateverlifechuxatyou

For more information on Chux® visit or Chux® can be found at selected Spar, Pick n Pay Family and OK Foods stores nationwide and now Dis-Chem too.

Who else is in Gauteng? Who else feels claustrophobic again?

Covid-19 in SA: 1 941 119 cases and 60 038 deaths recorded



I am angry that a virus is in the world just beyond my front door. I am angry that my world has become, once again, just this little space shared with 3 other humans and 2 cats. I am angry because I know that out there, these 2 weeks may be the final straw for other small businesses. I am angry that they still haven’t taken responsibility for sending death into this world when we all know they were experimenting with things best left alone. I am angry that 60,000 South Africans paid with their lives already.


My mind debates on not wanting a vaccine and wishing I already had it. The 1 in 1000s that have a negative reaction scares me – but I am also jealous of those that have that little bit of extra comfort knowing they have a vaccine coursing through their veins. I know I have to have it to in future be able to travel and have a normal life, but what if I’m that 1 that has a severe negative reaction? What if…


As ons net vroeër grenste toegemaak het of mense laat isoleer het wat teruggevlieg het uit Italië of meer mense dit ernstig opgeneem het reg aan die begin… dit kon soveel anders gewees het.

As jy erens sit en alleen voel, reik uit na iemand – al is dit oor die foon.

‘𝓷 𝓲𝓮𝓽𝓼𝓲𝓮 𝓿𝓲𝓻 𝓳𝓸𝓾
Net vandag, net vir jou
‘n drukkie in jou oor
‘n soentjie op jou hart
net jy sal weet, want dis net vir jou

As a manufacturer of wound treatment products, Melcura™ is acutely aware of the importance of burn  awareness and education when it comes to prevention and correct treatment of burn injuries.

Many burn injuries occur in disadvantaged or rural areas and Melcura’s goal is to provide an alternative to  the expensive imported wound care products. In addition, the company focuses on year-round burn  awareness and treatment education.

Danielle de Villiers, Head of Research and Development (at) Melcura™, after completing her Master  of Science (MSc) focused on Medical Immunology, entered the incredible industry of medical  devices. Danielle says “One of my first experiences was research and development of an innovative  synthetic resorbable skin substitute. I was, in essence, developing artificial skin that had the  properties of natural human skin. Seeing it applied to living, breathing burns patients and the incredible results achieved after the lengthy process of product design, development, and finally  clinical testing – I was hooked! It was so rewarding to watch children covered in this skin substitute,  racing against each other down the corridors of Leratong Paediatric Burns Unit on push bikes with no  pain! I’ve now worked on the full design, development, and post-market spectrum of wound care  devices from high-tech electrospun wound dressings to the sweet workings of honey in wound  care.”

Danielle further states that while it is rewarding to work on the development and recovery side, she  quickly became aware of how much still needs to be done to prevent burns in the first place. “Our  reality in SA is that many people are either living without electricity, or only have sporadic access to  electricity. This means that gas or open fires are used by millions daily. These same people do not have easy access to medical care, so the most important first step is to educate people on  prevention, and also treatment in the event of burn wounds.”

General wound treatment

Most of us think of wounds happening because of a burn, or a nasty fall. But even a small wound,  like a dog bite that does not look serious at first, can end up disastrous if not treated correctly. What  you can see on the skin, is usually not the actual case under the skin. 

The skin is the largest organ in our body and protects us from germs (bacteria, fungi and viruses)  that live on its surface. So, when the skin is broken, there is a risk of germs getting into the body and  causing an infection. The deeper or larger or dirtier a wound is, the more care it needs. 

In South Africa during winter, we see our largest volume of patients due to burn injuries. There are  many reasons for this such as:

  • Diabetic persons with loss of feeling in feet who burn with hot water bottles and heaters or  hot bath water which often results in burn wounds on the feet.
  • Small children pulling kettle chords or hot cups from the countertop.
  • Informal settlement fires due to lack of electricity.
  • Other causes of burns are from chemicals in factories as well as hot oil or steam from  restaurants.

What you must NEVER do:

There are so many myths about how to treat burns, but the truth is that many of these can cause  further damage.

Never apply ice, butter, toothpaste, ice water or egg white. These can introduce even more bacteria,  or even increase the damage already done.

What you SHOULD do:

• Rinse the wound with running cool tap water (or cool clean water from a container) for at  least 20 minutes. This will cool down the wound and assist with the pain. 

• Thereafter, apply a honey-based wound care product to protect the wound from bacteria  and create the ideal healing environment.

• The important rule is to keep it clean and minimize pain, remember that any burn patient  needs medical help, and it is advised to seek professional medical assistance as soon as  possible.

Additional treatment tips:

  • Medical-grade Honey is the best treatment for most wounds. Honey is well known for its  healing properties, especially on burn wounds. Always keep a tube of honey-based wound  products in your first aid kit.
  • A Blister – gently clean the blister without breaking the skin and cover with a thin layer of  honey-based wound care – place a gentle dressing over it as a cover. Dress it every second  day.
  • A red angry and warm wound – this might indicate that the wound is inflamed, or infected – the quick and easy solution is to clean the wound with a wound cleanser such as saline and  place a thin layer of honey-based wound ointment on the wound and cover it with gauze  and a light bandage.
  • A bite wound – immediately clean the wound with saline and gauze and then cover the  wound with a concentrated honey-based ointment and gauze. Ensure that the patient gets  to a doctor or clinic as soon as possible for a Tetanus treatment. 

In summary, there are many types of wounds, and there are lots of misconceptions out there.  Always ensure that you are prepared to treat an emergency that might happen in and around your  house. 

Burn awareness in SA

As mentioned, there is a critical need for increased education around burn prevention and  treatment in SA. Those who work with patients will tell you that many burn wounds could either  have been prevented or cured much sooner with proper treatment. It is up to us to educate and  assist wherever we can.

For this reason, we support organisations such as Heroburn, who not only educate, but also support  burn victims and their families in any way possible.

Dr Nel, a widely-respected plastic surgeon at Netcare Milpark Hospital, specializing in burn trauma  agrees that “a major burns injury is one of the most devastating insults a human being can experience.  Its impact can not only cause multi-organ failure, but may also cause personality change and major  emotional and psychosocial problems. Education and prevention cannot be underestimated in the  fight against burns. The best way to combat a prolonged healing process, bad scarring and poor  functional outcome, is to correctly manage the burn in the early stages of management. This is also  greatly dependant on education.” 

It goes without saying that all those involved in treating burn victims fully support Burn Awareness  Month, but it is even more important to ensure that this momentum of awareness is carried

throughout the year so that we can all start to make a difference and reduce the number and  severity of burns that occur every day.

Multi-disciplinary support and treatment in Gauteng

We are proud to be part of the amazing initiative that is the Firefighters Burn Support Gauteng  group. Joining an advanced Wound Care Clinic and Trauma Counsellor, we will be volunteering our  wound care experience and honey-based wound care products to any firefighters fallen victim to  burn wounds within Gauteng.