You want to visit and explore beautiful countries? Now isn’t that funny, we already live in a beautiful country rich in attractions and natural wonders.

I think I am luckier than most, I got to see and experience a lot of South Africa with my parents. Plus I grew up in the far north, made my way to Gauteng and set up home in Jozi and Durbs. I kind of have a map in my head of all the places we’ve been. I never want to stop discovering more of my country or visiting favourites like the Kruger National Park, beautiful Mpumalanga or Limpopo with it’s views of mountains, bushveld and wildness.

However, we can’t always drive to all the beautiful places far, far away – sometimes we have to look a little closer to home.

A few weekends ago we left the kids with the nanny and hubby and I did something together, on our own. I finally convinced hubby that this is one of those quick trips close to home that we need to see. I grabbed the Instax SQ20, my phone and wallet and off we went.

I didn’t quite know what to expect from Maropeng/Cradle of Humankind. I didn’t go with expectations but rather with the mindset that there might be some cool bones. This museum exhibition did not disappoint and I can say for sure that the quality of the exhibition is on par with some really great international exhibits.

I’m going to skip right past the Long Walk to Freedom statues and get back to it later… as in, in another piece next week. (I’m that evil)

The building itself is a marvel to see. It is covered in grass from the front and reminds you of a beehive. Officially the Tumulus Building resembles an ancient burial mound – but I see a beehive. As you make your way into the building you are greeted by the sound of a sunken fountain – where you can toss a coin and make wish. Then you descend into the underground where you will go on a journey of time.

Another surprise was the little gondola ride. It floats by an ice world, volcanoes and more – it was such a fun part of the museum! Then you get out and walk the rest of the journey. We had so much fun with all the interactive pieces and it was really an immersive experience that is great for kids and adults.

I’m not going to spoil it by oversharing, but what I can tell you is that I would definitely go to Maropeng again! If you have time to watch the video at the bottom of the page you can see more of the exhibition and gondola ride experience.

After the exhibit we had lunch at the entrance. It was a simple meal and not too expensive.

What it costs to Visit Maropeng / Cradle of Humankind, Long Walk to Freedom statues and Sterkfontein Caves

  • R190 per adult gets you into the museum and into the Sterkfontein Caves. You can do them separately, but it’s more cost effective to do a all-in ticket.
  • You can visit the Long Walk to Freedom statues for free as it is outside.
Quick peek at what you can expect at Maropeng

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