So back when we decided to explore Thailand, we stayed in Patong for a few days. It is one of the busiest tourist areas in the whole of Thailand if you ask me, but if you want a lively atmosphere and parties and, and and… then Patong is the right place for you.

This motorcycle with all its fruits is actually a real little shop. You can buy pretty much anything from the back of a motorcycle in this country.

Tuk-Tuks you will see everywhere, but sometimes you get to see a Tuk-Tuk with disco lights! Yes, it is real, it isn’t a unicorn!

There is one thing you will notice about Thailand, there are lights everywhere. Bright neon lights. Bright street lights.

If you are tired of thai food, you can find something a little more western. Check out Ronald McDonald… when you are there 🙂

…and then you will always hear advertising. This particular vehicle blared out that you had to go to Bangla Stadium to see Muay Thai. The would drive around the busy tourist areas. In Patong this means they drive the same 4 streets over and over.

This guy actually sat there making these bracelets. It was really amazing to get my own bracelet with my name – within 5 minutes.

We tried cocktails at the hotel, bars – and even on the beach.

If you strike out on your own you can see a little more of the local life. We walked one day for about 6km up a hill just so I could take photos.

The one thing you can expect at beaches… lots of people that are ready to rent beach chairs, umbrellas, scooters and also to sell foods.

Here is the best tip for Thailand… try using public transport to get around. It is much cheaper than tuk-tuks and taxis. There will also not be any surprises at the end of your ride.

When you grab a taxi or tuk-tuk in Thailand, make sure they are metered or agree upfront how much your trip will cost. In Bangkok we took a taxi from the hotel to the same place 2 days in a row and we got ripped off on our very first ride.

If you decide to rent a scooter… please only rent these if you have a motorcycle/scooter license. If you are in an accident your travel insurance won’t cover the damages and you may also be out of luck when it comes to your medical cover.


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