I am happy as can be on Maafushi Island in the Maldives. The sand is white, the water breathtakingly blue and the hotel amazing.

Maafushi Island

I chose to stay on Maafushi Island because I am not a fly 10000km and lock myself away from experiences kind of traveller.  I like to see how the locals live, observe their customs, talk to the people and just generally inquisitive.

So back to the island. It has only been 2 years since tourists could stay on an island inhabited by locals.  Maafushi was a test island and it seemed to take off in a big way as quite a few hotels have popped up. Previously you could visit for a day.

There is only 1 beach where you can swim in a bikini.  Anywhere else you have to cover up. In my opinion, a small price to pay for paradise.

Kaani Beach Hotel

I booked with Kaani because they offered a sea view room right next to the bikini beach and their rates really reasonable. We booked for full-board which means you get all meals at the hotel included in your rate.

I am loving the staff. They are all so friendly and ready to help with anything. James (Ahmed) welcomed us at the pier and makes time to chat to us everytime he sees us. Then there is Amix at reception that is so full of energy that I can’t believe he can sit still long enough to think. Panda with the “many girlfriends”  and all the other guys and ladies that makes this hotel really welcoming.

There is one thing that makes this hotel even more unique… Shoes are optional for everyone. It is an island hotel and this something that just makes it stand out.

I think I will be going home with a few extra kilograms thanks to the restaurant and kitchen staff. Every meal I have had was just delicious and it makes it hard to stop eating.

That is all for my first post all the way from the beautiful Maldives. Follow me on Instagram.com/susanndeysel for some awesome pics. Seriously…my Maldives pics are awesome!


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