I’ve decided to share some of my favourite brands and products (in no particular order, because I’m just not that organised). Some of these I have bought for years, some are new discoveries – but I love them all the same.

GHD Hair Styler

No list would be complete without my beloved GHD Wonderland styler. Without this nifty hair straightener I would never have smooth locks. I don’t use it often, but compared to the cheapie I had before… WUNDERBAR!

Oh So Heavenly Bubble BalmOh So Heavenly Strawberry Smooch bubble balm

Love, love, love the Oh So Heavenly STRAWBERRY SWIRL Bubble Balm. Best thing since sliced bread and doesn’t even cost 30 bucks!

Shopping Online – all the time

I hate walking around malls looking for small things while I could be doing something better with my time. Takealot really has lots on their website to pick or choose from, prices are good and my shopping gets delivered to me. I am totally addicted to look on my Takealot app what the daily deals are.

Pink Nail Polish

My favourite nail polish is my very pink Essie Bachelorette. I wear it 90% of the time. It is my favourite colour in the whole wide world. I have one open bottle and one spare – just in case someone decides it will be discontinued.Picture shamelessly lifted from www.lecreuset.co.za - Le Creuset COOL MINT

Mint Green Kitchen

My current obsession is Le Creuset’s MINT range. I have started to build my collection and dropped hints to husband about what I want for Xmas and my birthday. I have even added some visual aids to the fridge to remind him – good wife that I am. Read my letter to Santa here.


I don’t know what it is about Parker pens, I just know that I have to have it. Maybe it reminds me of the days my parents still bought my stationery or the fact that Parker Jotters have such cool colours. Doesn’t matter, they write. I am still hunting for the perfect pink Parker – but I have 2 Jotters just to tide me over in the meantime.

This is my first short list of things I love. Maybe I will do more, maybe I won’t. Just kidding, I am totally doing another post like this!



Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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