Phew, I have had a busy few weeks! But finally I have some time to tell you what’s been happening…

Got a call from Nolwazi, a journalist at Your Family, about interviewing me for a story on surrogacy. (It’s such a hot topic since one of the Kardashians also had to use a surrogate – I suppose.) Anyway, so we did the interview and I laid it out and told my story as I do on the blog. Then came the request for photos… Usually I’m the one behind the camera happily snapping away – therefore my photos usually do not contain me. So then Nolwazi said – girl, we gotta take some pics.

GULP! That only means one thing in my world, do my own makeup and take hours because I’m scared I haven’t put on enough or have too much drama on the eye, too little on the cheeks, too light on the lips (you get where this is going). But then a karma moment happened…

A fabulous Makeup Artist, Ryno Mulder, heard me shriek in horror and came to the rescue. He offered to do my make-up for the shoot!

Next thing to stress about was what I would wear – because Lexa will wear whatever she feels like and hubby really likes dressing himself and well, I have a limited choice in my cupboard that fit (for now). I settled on my favourite pair of jeans from Milady’s, a WonderFit dark blue pair, and a top from Foschini (because wearing black on black on black on black is apparently not that nice).

On the day…

I rolled in to find an intimidating amount of make-up and brushes spread out on a huge table – and there he was with Gigi, the poodle, and Nur Hamidi (a stunning stylist). Everybody looking fab except me.

Ryno intently stared at my eyebrows and I could see that he had some ideas that I usually firmly stop from forming in anyone’s mind. He pulled out a trimmer and dealt with the 3 stray brows (because that is how little I have) on each side. And then he made them all drama! I have never had so much brow, I liked it, but I didn’t like it but I liked it…

Just to add to the work Ryno would have to do, I had a bit of a sunburn from an event 2 days earlier, but he neautralised the red with some green and it was gone. (That is the miracle that a real MUA can do for you.)

Just before the camera starting snapping, Nur shook her head at my understated earrings and made me wear her fabulous pair. She swopped out Lexa’s T with something lighter and we were all good to go.

…while all of the make-upping was going on Lexa discovered Gigi – and Ryno’s fries which he generously offered to her. Lexa turned around and offered it to Gigi – it was so cute.

Then the Your Family team piled into the studio…

A couch was moved in and a blue backdrop selected to go with my (very) blue and white top. There were huge lights that would flash and Gigi that wanted a spot on the couch.

Lexa has this thing where she goes all quiet when there is a stranger close – and a smile is the one thing you won’t get from her. She sat on my lap at first looking all serious and then Nur started jumping around and finally a smile for the camera appeared.

The details…

The article will be in the January 2018 Your Family, which will be on the shelves mid-December 2017…and no, that is not my livingroom, that’s in their studio.

Fabulous makeup done by Makeup by Ryno. His contact details are and 071 688 0242 and he can be found on:

Keep Ryno’s details handy for all those times you wish you knew someone that can do makeup for that special occasion/event.

Plus if you need a stylist, look up the gorgeous Nur Hamidi on Instagram.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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