Male is the tiny capital city of the Maldives. There are around 150,000 people on an island of almost 6 square kilometers. They are about 3 hours ahead of SA time and use both the Maldivian Rufiyaa and US Dollar as currency.

When I first said I wanted to stop over in Male to see the capital city of the Maldives, I got the dirtiest looks imaginable from my husband. Nothing about the city looks appealing on the internet and it doesn’t really have any major amazing buildings either. Not really a place for tourists – unless you are in it to get to know more about the people living in that country (that would be me).

The city is tiny with tiny streets that are lined with thousands of scooters – and the odd car between. It is a miracle that that there are any cars on the island, because our hotel was only about 1.5km from the harbour and it took more than an hour to drive with a mini microbus!

We took a nap on arrival and then went for a little walk in town. What was really noticeable was that people were just standing around on the street, sitting on scooters and we didn’t cross paths with another westerner. Shops and houses were squashed next to each other into little pigeonholes along narrow winding roads.

No matter where you walked from, you could reach the ocean within 30 minutes! The most surprising part, the dolosse that kept the coastline intact… a design from South Africa 🙂

During our 1 day, 1 night stay the city celebrated 50 years of independence. Male was decorated in white, green and red. That night fireworks lighted the sky. It was beautiful.


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