If you have been following my (very intermittent) posts about my infertility journey from hell you would know that last month’s my cycle was abandoned. It was devastating.

This week I am back on Menopur and tomorrow I will be visiting Dr Clark at MedFem again to see if the cycle will go-ahead or abandoned.

I really hope for some good news.

My experience on Menopur:

Last month I had a headache for 4 days. I experienced no nausea, but my appetite wasn’t what it should’ve been.

This month I had a 24 hour headache and no other symptoms.

The injections stung like a bee and itched for about 30 minutes.

What happens when a cycle is abandoned?

Firstly there comes the tears, then more tears. Worst even, your period gets longer and then it is back to normal. Exciting stuff really.

How much longer will we try?

Until there is no chance and we have no money. I would rather be disappointed month after month than stop.



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