I really don’t know how this has happenend. Just the other day I wrote this amazing article and planned this amazing calender with posts I wanted to do and then I somehow didn’t quite get to it and now it is almost mid-August! How, seriously – how?

This weekend we went to Houtbosdorp to stay with my parents (and celebrate my dear old mom’s 70th birthday). It was the perfect weekend in the mountains. It had snowed everywhere else so the arctic winds necessatated snow jackets and a heater for my cat in the room.

As always, the views from my parents’home is amazing. How could you not have an amazing view if you lived on a mountain that had views over other mountain tops?

Don’t even get me started on the sunsets… I promise, I didn’t even apply a filter to this photo 🙂

Just to top of the weekend, we also visited Haenertsburg as I’ve always loved the vibe of this little town – and well it was just 30km down a gravel road, over a mountain and to the right of that bush (you know how it goes).

This little town is rich in history, quaint shops and friendly people (and vervet monkeys).

My absolute favourite part of the day was lunch. I ate the most delicious Lavender scone… and licked off my fingers.

It was quite weitd to see the cherry blossoms out early, but I guess after the rains they thought it was almost spring.

You are still wondering where these places (Houtbosdorp and Haenertburg) are – right? Well, Haenertsburg is somewhere between Polokwane and Tzaneen. It is just after the ZCC church area.

Houtbosdorp is a little more complicated to direct you to, because it is no longer a town but rather just a road with farms – but it used to be a Swiss logger settlement. The original farm that the “town” was built on is still there and the ruins are still there, but you can’t just rock up and say you are there to explore – private property. If however you want to see the spectacular views you drive from Polokwane side to the University of Limpopo road and keep on driving until it becomes a gravel road. As soon as you hit gravel, you are on the right track. Places on this road to book – Kurisa Moya or Graceland (they have 3 giraffes).

That is it. Safe travels.


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