I love the Dolphin Coast – and it’s perfect for family holidays

Things to do with your kids while on holiday in Ballito or Salt Rock - and it's not all about the beach.
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I love the North Coast! It is my other home. My parents brought us here after my matric year – and I’ve been back so many times since. Even crazier than that, my husband briefly went to school here and used to surf the waves down on Willards.

When we bought a place out here we never could’ve dreamt just how this place would become our little hideaway home. At first it buying a place here was so we didn’t have to check out early from a hotel then it became about bringing my cat, Genie. It also just happened to be the perfect place to wait for the births of our 2 daughters and finally now it is a place for our little family.

We feel like locals. We have our favourite spots like Burnedale, Sage and Litchi Orchard. We always eat bunnychows from the Sasol in Salt Rock, donuts from the new Checkers at Mt Richmore and go to Mica every single week we are here. We love the revamp of Ballito Lifestyle and the shiny new mall down the road. We still haven’t been to the Railroad Brewery down the road and we always say we want to visit more spots but somehow when we’re here we end up on the beach or the old familiar places.

The best thing about the Dolphin Coast… dolphin sightings duh!

What to do in Ballito and Salt Rock with kids

Sage Centre

I think I love Sage Centre a little more each time we go – even if Tsonga is no longer there. The little shops are stocked with South African made products – offering such temptations for my wallet. A huge plus of this place is the play park… that you can see from your table at Sage Cafe & Deli.

My favourite shop definitely is Willow and Ruby. Maybe I’m a little biased because they stock IY Apparel bags or maybe it’s the gorgeous jewellery…

Burnedale Farm

We visit Burnedale during every stay. This place has one major attraction for kids that we love… the donkeys! Lexa loves spending time with them and then I get snap happy.

Burnedale is also home to Natural Living, one of my favourite shops. I won’t spoil it, but it’s something between treasure island and heaven when you’re in the shop.

Another not to be missed eatery that is family friendly is Burnedale Cafe but you can also pop into another little gem for a slice of cake and coffee called The Meeting Place.

There are so much more you can do in Ballito and Salt Rock with kids…

  • Flag Animal Farm
  • Litchi Orchard… especially when they have litchi picking season
  • The Great Railroad Brewing Company / Ballito Brewing Company

Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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