Here I’m sitting on a Friday afternoon, a year and 2 months after Lexa was born, fuming because… The Department of Labour says I refuse to give them an adoption certificate and therefore they will not pay my UIF maternity benefits. I kid you not…

These lame people that work at this useless government department for some odd reason cannot comprehend that the laws of the beautiful South Africa says that actually I don’t have to adopt Lexa, because well, she is registered on our name and I have a high court order and all these sections of the law that back me up.

I don’t know, is it wrong for the people of South Africa to expect all government departments should change when laws change?

So here is a recap of the hoops I have jumped thusfar:

  1. Applied for UIF maternity benefits end October 2016
  2. Had to fill in a document for parents that have adopted, attached a copy of the high court order and birth certificate – because they don’ have a form for me, but I am still entitled to the UIF benefits
  3. Heard nothing back and finally contacted them in February to ask what’s going on
  4. By April they said aikona, we need the adoption certificate, but fill in this appeals form and explain it all
  5. I completed the appeals form, attached a copy of the high court order and birth certificate – and explained and quoted all the sections from the law
  6. Ja, they didn’t do much and I kept on mailing them and asking what the status was
  7. In August I finally lost it and told them how useless they are
  8. I lodged a complaint through the presidential complaints line in August
  9. Phoned bi-weekly
  10. On 30 November the presidential complaints line operator read the feedback from the Department of (no) Labour – apparently I refuse to submit an adoption certificate, therefore they cannot assist
  11. 1 December 2017 I submitted a complaint to the Public Protector

So I am still fighting. I’m just one of those people that won’t and can’t give up when something like this happens. It is a matter of principle.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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