I have so much to still tell about the journey that brought us to this moment. It was a journey that has taken much from me, let me explain…

Have you ever had that one friend that took life for all that it offered. The friend that was the glue, heart and  soul of your little circle of friends. The friend that had your back no matter what. I was that friend.

It all changed for me when my dearest friends couldn’t stand by me and support me through this. I know they didn’t know how to handle a situation like this, but it definitely wasn’t to tell me to “just adopt”. If they had paid attention to me through all the years they’ve known me they would’ve known just how important it was to have my own child.

It wasn’t just the fact that they thought it would be OK to be so callous as to suggest that I should “just adopt” but the fact that they stepped back from my tragedy.

I was abandoned by people that I was there for when they needed me most. I was alone. Do you know how that changes a person?

I don’t trust people. I don’t let anyone into my life. I let them hover on the outside orbit. To me, people don’t deserve to really know me or be my friend.

Do I still have people in my inner circle? Yes, very few but they are enough. Sometimes.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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