My kids are 4 and 6 this year – and they’ve seen their very first professional ballet already! I am so proud of myself that I am continuing the traditions my mom and I started since I moved to Joburg more than 2 decades ago.

We went to see Joburg Ballet’s Cinderella and we sat in the front row! My kids were so excited and posed for many selfies in front of the stage while we waited for the performance to start…

I did spend a bundle on snacks (lesson learnt). I bought 2 mini Pringles, 4 (skinny) Cokes, 1 big Astro and 1 big Smartie pack for a cool R245.

Lexa was mesmerised by the graceful dancers gliding across the stage. Kitty was ‘wow-ing’ and clapping hands. They appreciated the story and the art… The step sisters definitely stole the show with their manly features and movements stood in stark contras to the petite Cinderella.

The second half little miss Kitty wanted to go home. She was crawling over my lap, trying to find a spot to sleep, whispering “pssspsspss home’ in my ear. The minute the lights came on and the curtain fell for the last time she was out of that theatre before 95%. We got into the elevator to take us down to level 10 (the lowest) parking area and drove out without having to wait in a queue.


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