Christmas is just around the corner and I thought I would get a started on my Christmas gift lists for the family – because I know they have not bought a single gift and wait last minute to ask if there is anything we want.

Lexa doesn’t know it yet, but she would love the following items:

  1. Bunny from Tiger Lily – because they are just so cute with their big floppy ears and oversized feet.Tiger Lily Bunny
  2. That dog with the blue ears from Fisher Price. You squeeze it here, there and it reacts. She has the small blue dog and elephant from Fisher Price, but the big dog is better.
  3. Ring tube for the pool. Please just not a donut.
  4. Sunhats for the beach and pool. She has rashies, onesies and cozzies for the foreseeable future.
  5. She should be crawling soon, so maybe knee thingymagigys so she can clean the floor while doing so.
  6. If there is an amazing plush cat toy out there – that would be great. You can never have too many cats.
  7. Please no clothes that is for up to 12 months – she has enough.
  8. Anything from Oh So Heavenly’s baby range…

Oh So Heavenly

Seriously though, she will only be 3 months old by Christmas so she probably wont even know why suddenly there are a bunch of people trying to take photos of her with stuff shoved onto her.

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  1. I love those knee thingamajiggies!!! I think they’re genius. Your kids get to have fun and clean at the same time 😉

    Kelly x

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