Peels scare me. I don’t like the idea that my skin may be burnt (with chemicals) and I can’t leave the house because I’ll look like a monster for the next few days. This all changed when I went for an Optiphi 30|30 Peel at Life Day Spa in Rosebank.

The Optiphi 3030 Peel takes 60 minutes – but you can also opt for the 30 minute version. When you walk out, you can go back to the office… gasp! You read that right, there is NO DOWNTIME!

I know you are asking yourself if it then really works…

My take on the Optiphi 30|30 Peel

It does work! It has been just over 3 weeks since the peel and this is what I’ve noticed about my skin:

  1. Lines around my eyes reduced
  2. My cheeks, which always looks inflamed, no longer has a bright red glow but rather a slight pink tinge
  3. I haven’t had a breakout again – and I was on the road to KZN, stayed in a gross hospital for a night, went to the beach… and by now I should’ve had some real nasty zits
  4. It may be my imagination, but my pores seem smaller – and I’m using less pore refining cream under my makeup – my sister will tell me when she sees me
  5. My skin doesn’t look tired anymore

I spoke to the beauty therapist and she says that they recommend a few rounds of the Optiphi Peel with a 2 week “resting” period after the first round.

What the Optiphi 30|30 Peel is meant for:

  1. Alleviating skin sensitivity and redness
  2. Reducing sun damage, pigmentation, acne scarring and uneven skintone
    (I can’t confirm if my pigmentation has improved… I have loads of freckles and studying patterns on my face makes me dizzy)
  3. Rehydrating your skin and helps to improve suppleness
  4. Refining pores
  5. Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
  6. Reinforcing the skin’s protective barrier
  7. Enhancing skin radiance and vitality

How does it work?

Research indicates that photo-damage and sun-induced aging are some of the most prevalent skin concerns on a global scale. Optiphi has recently developed an advanced professional peeling procedure to help alleviate this skin condition. The new 30|30 Peel is an ingenious combination of 30% Glycolic Acid, 30% Ascorbic Acid and Glycyrrhetinic Acid, taking the trusted Optiphi Skin Rejuvenation Treatments to new heights. This trio of acids, synergistically and directly
targets the signs of UV-induced aging.

Once you are at the spa, you get into a robe and slippers and make your way to the treatment rooms upstairs (Life Day Spa Rosebank) and then you go into a treatment room. First you get a “massaging facial” which is pre-peeling preparation part of the treatment. Then the glycolic acid peel is applied which will make your skin feel tingly or as if something is crawling over your skin. The therapist will keep the peel on for as long as she thinks it’s necessary. When the peel is removed a post-peel “cream” is applied to calm the skin.

Can you see my acne scarring, redness and sun damage?

After they remove everything and you are on your way home (or the office), your treatment is actually still hard at work just under the surface of your skin. If it is a sunny day you may be asked to put on a sunscreen, but you will be able to go back to work.

The big question – how much does it cost?

Currently Life Day Spa Rosebank lists the pricing as R550 for the 30 minute treatment and R770 for the hour treatment. However they have the Optiphi Skin Rejuvenation Peel – Package of Six (30 min)  for R3150. If you book 6 x 30 minute sessions it will cost you R3300 and if you book 6 x hour sessions it will cost you R4620.

As soon as I’ve recuperated from paying all the medical bills for the surrogate I want to do a series of 6 treatments. I was that impressed with the peel!

If you want to find out more about Optiphi products and treatments, find your nearest store or spa on this page.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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