I am having serious withdrawal symptoms from being on the beach. I am <<this close>> to packing my bags and move to Ballito (since I can’t afford to move anywhere outside Africa with the weak Rand)!

When I originally planned the Maldives holiday I had to stay within a budget. This meant that I couldn’t just use a travel agent and book a packaged deal. I really had to work for this amazing holiday…and I loved every moment of planning.

During the research phase I looked for accommodation that wasn’t in a resort, affordable and amazing. The answer that kept on popping up was Maafusi Island. What makes this island so unique is that it is currently the only non-resort island that you as a westerner can stay on.

Accommodation on Maafusi Island range from backpacker cheap and no meals included to full-board 4 star (didn’t see any 5 star). Even with the horrible Rand/Dollar exchange rate the rates of 3 and 4 star full-board accommodation compared well with prices I would pay in South Africa.

The only thing you need to know is that you will look far and wide for alcoholic beverages on this island… and that you can only swim in a bikini at designated bikini beaches.

We stayed at the Kaani Beach Hotel for 5 nights in the end and loved every minute of our stay. The hotel had a sea view and was only a minute’s walk from the swimming beach. The food was great, the rooms clean and the staff super friendly. The 5 nights, with all meals worked out to under R12,000 (and that included a 10% tip and all taxes)!

If (or rather when) I go to the Maldives again I would most probably stay on Maafusi again. I would recommend this island above a resort stay, else you might as well just stay at home and lock the doors and not experience the cultures and people of countries you visit.

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