Winning is great. (Stating an obvious fact here.)

I won a goody hamper from @Ordinger&Reda on Twitter/Facebook recently.  The competition caught my attention and I could not wait to get the next question each day.  I could not stop myself from checking if the next question is up and if I got it right. It was a horrible addiction – looking forward to receiving the goodies (BIG GRIN).

Then, just to crown November as the month of months… I got to go to the Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom premiere in Johannesburg. This event was filled to the brim with “celebs”. It was definitely quite an experience to walk down the red carpet and have flashing cameras blinding you.

The Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom movie

It was a powerful movie that did not shy away from Mandela’s (human) faults. The film did feel a bit disjointed with too much being crammed in – resulting in a 2+ movie.

The actors in the movie cannot be faulted, especially since the main characters (played by Idris Elba & Naomie Harris) had to learn some indigenous lines and almost got the accents completely right. It was also great to see some of South Africa’s older actors.


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