This week, I have started yet another diet and gym effort. I am so over being a big fat blob. This year I have tried gym and eating healthy. I even paid a personal trainer for 3 months – which resulted in me having to recover from a severe neck injury and gaining 6kgs (thanks for nothing dude). I also had healthy meals delivered that were “geared at weight loss” – gained 1kg on that.

Now I am back at relying on myself to shed the weight I gained while trying to do everything right. I am not going to take any pills to help (like my friend did), not going to pay someone to “train” me or to deliver “healthy foods” to my door or rely on my friends to support me.

I lost more weight when I was following my own gym routine and eating what I liked in moderation (and that included my crisps). 
Today my meals consisted of the following:

Breakfast Yogurt and rye vita with cream cheese
Lunch Fish with microwaved apple (with cinnamon and a bit of sugar) and half a grapefruit
Snack 30g crisps
Water 3 x 500ml at work
Dinner Chicken burger on a health bun with chips
Water 1 x 450ml


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