I don’t know if you watch Outlander, the series with (yummy) Sam Heughan, but if you do – what did you think of the steamiest episode on TV in forever?

If you haven’t watched Outlander, you are missing out. This series is original, full of old fashioned romance, history, beautiful Scotish scenery – and gorgeous Sam Heughan that plays Jamie Fraser.

The story starts off with Claire and her 1900s husband and how she ends up at these magical stones near Inverness, touches them and wakes up in the 1700s. She gets chased by a captain from the English army and then found by Jamie, the Scotsman with red hair, blue eyes and shoulders so broad that you cannot stop to wonder how they might feel.

Claire then stays at Castle Leoch with the Mackenzie Clan and cannot stop thinking of escaping to go back to Inverness to hitch a ride back to the 1900s and her husband. “Unfortunately” she ends up having to marry a Scotsman so as not to have to be handed to the English for interrogation. The marriage between her and Jamie, a wanted man, happens quite quickly and then they have this long bedroom scene.

Outlander with Sam Heughan

I am an old married lady, but sjoe, that Sam Heughan is a man and a half – an perfect for the role. I cannot wait to get to the next episode.


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