press-on nailsSo I had these press-on nails from the Beauty Insider event from last year and finally decided I want to look sophisticated with red nails for a meeting.

Putting on the press-on nails were quite easy. They didn’t stay completely flat enough (to my taste) by the cuticles, but once they were on, they were on.

Hour one I realised that I couldn’t really type or use my phone with these red talons – they looked good tho. By hour 2 I lay into them with a nailclipper. I trimmed the press-on nails to just a tad longer than my own. Halfway through the day I wanted them off – they were suffocating me. I wanted them off and they had to go NOW! I tried to get them off at work, but apparently I was pulling faces that attracted too much attention to me.

I finally got home and serriously attempted to get the (shorter) red talons off. They were so clingy that I almost started to panic. I soaked those talons until I could feel them moving and off they went.

Lesson learnt. I am not the target market for press-on nails.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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