I have really been busy these last few weeks with feeling sorry for myself. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m still me or on my way somewhere.

What makes me forget about myself is trying out a new product. I recently received a bottle of ORDINARY Day Cream with a beautifully handwritten note (which I really appreciate).

Don’t be fooled with a name like Ordinary, as this is no ordinary product.

The cream

After applying the cream it didn’t feel oily and was absorbed quite quickly. My skin felt hydrated the whole day and my usual frown line between my eyes seemed less visible. My skin definitely felt softer after using this cream.

It has a very light fragrance that I found quite pleasant.

Sample sachets

I love sample sachets and use them when traveling. The Ordinary Skincare Co’s sample sachets are quite unique with a snap board that helps to dispense the cream nicely.


Simple and elegant packaging – the cream is packaged in a white box with the logo in colour; the container is also white with pump-action dispenser.


I’m not quite sure what this retails at, but I would definitely buy this again if it falls within my budget.

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Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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