We are currently waiting for a court date for our surrogacy application – hopefully this will happen early January as with my next cycle I will be going for my first harvesting and hopefully freezing of embryos.

  • Cape Town woman challenges SA’s surrogacy laws
    I am going to quote a line that made me see red. Clearly Ms Dlamini doesn’t know the heartache people in “our position” feel. Adoption should not be the only option other than not having children.
    “Plus, Ms Dlamini said that adoption was an option for the woman and others in her position.

My heart goes out to this woman.

I must admit that South Africa’s laws makes you feel like a criminal just for wanting a kid of your own – when for some medical reason, you can’t. In my case it is severe Endometrioses that was NEVER diagnosed by gynaecologists – my last being a DR in Fourways. I will never go to another gynaecologist, they are overpriced and totally clueless and just guessing. I will be getting papsmears done at a normal house doctor – you heard me… someone that doesn’t “specialize” and know nothing.

To do a high court application we had to indicate what we own, earn, get letters of recommendation from people – and in for a R40,000 just for the court application and agreement. Then we are in for R60,000 a try.


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