You never really think that you can’t carry children of your own and then after you spent the money to get all the tests done and you get handed the bad news at a R790 appointment – it stings.

I am at a clinic in Johannesburg. Did all the tests and survived, but when I had my follow-up I was told that I had fewer eggs than average (for people my age) and that my uterus looks uninhabitable (or that is how my mind translated it).

The options

  • I can be treated to try increase number of eggs. Have it harvested and tested for viability.
  • In the event of my eggs not being viable – my sister generously offered to donate.
  • I can go on a course of medication and eventually an operation to try and make my uterus habitable – but chances will remain slim.
  • Use a surrogate with either my or my sister’s eggs with my husband’s sperm.

We have an appointment scheduled to discuss with Anne at Vitalab our way forward with surrogacy.

I am practical. Why try fix what may never be fixed and ruin yourself emotionally and financially when you can do something that has a better chance of working.

Surrogacy is not going to be cheap. I read online that we are looking at R200,000 to R300,000. Fortunately I have always saved money for a rainy day – and that rainy day just arrived.

I probably won’t post about my little infertility problem as it happens. I like to digest information and work it through my mind and be at peace with it before rambling emotionally about it.


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