Everybody has that one person in their life they dislike and for me that person is my left ovary. All pain starts in this underdeveloped pain in my side. It just sits there taking up space and makes me miserable.

Sometimes my left ovary even invites over friends in the form of cysts. My right ovary on the other hand quietly sits there minding its own business, being all normal and nice.

Then to evacuate the unwanted cyst there is always the pill. Both the cyst and pills suppress hormones I need for my treatments. Apparently the cyst also dislikes the pill and instructs my left ovary to be more of a pain.

I will survive this latest onslaught with painkillers, a packet of crisps and Oreos because everything has to be balanced.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.


  1. Sensual_sloth Reply

    I suffer with my left ovary too. I’ve decided it’s time for another check although I’ve been told it’s quite normal to suffer from Mittelschmerz… Pain shouldn’t be normal

    • Susann Reply

      Apparently it could all just be stress related because stress can span a few decades.

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