Remember the days where you longingly looked at pictures of the Maldives sighing at the hefty price tag that would go with a holiday like that? I did the same. Really. Then when I started doing research on where to stay I stumbled upon info that suggested that resort stay is not the only way you can explore this magical beach destination.

My interest was piqued. I was hooked.

I excitedly told my husband that we will be going to the Maldives and I’m not hallucinating and definitely not delusional. We can afford it. We just have to compromise a little (or so I thought).

I booked at the lovely Kaani Beach Hotel on Maafushi Island for 5 nights and even with the weak Rand, it still sort of worked out the same as our usual Ballito holiday accommodation. To top it off, it included 3 meals a day and soft drinks. Once you have covered your bed, food and drink – the only thing you have to worry about is flying there.

Yes, the hotel didn’t have bells and whistles, but it was clean, comfortable and perfectly located a minute from the beach. The best part about our stay here, the staff. The staff was so friendly and they took an interest in you, greeted you by name and didn’t all even wear shoes. It was so homely, but yet private.

The food was really amazing and sometimes even a little too much, but I ate it ALL!

The beach on Maafushi Island was nothing to sneeze at. The sand was a soft, powdery white and the water gorgeously blue.

I know you have seen me writing about BIKINI BEACHES and wondering what I’m on about. Maafushi Island is a mixed use island with local inhabitants and now (for the past 2 years) tourists. Since the Maldives is quite religious, tourists have to abide by some simple rules to experience this paradise. On a bikini beach you can swim in normal swimwear, any other beach you have to cover shoulders to knees.

Bikini beaches are usually behind fences and open beaches (non bikini) out in the open. Resort islands (1 hotel on the island) usually means all bikinis and no cover ups.

I definitely miss this amazing view from our room at Kaani Beach Hotel!



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