GM is leaving the country and its the end of an era with Stuttafords (and lots of people losing their jobs). The Cape region has had major storms, Knysna burnt and the rest of the country shivered. If you feel like you want to donate towards rebuilding Knysna there is a fundraising site and a few different causes you can support to:

  1. Knysna Animal Welfare Society
  2. Miss South Africa is also raising funds for the Garden Route
  3. Browse all the causes

When I look at the donations made – I know that in this country we still care. We are proudly South African with heart.

Plus Baby Dove just launched and I will have something about it up on the Goddess Blog soon. I use Dove soap for my face – and I swear by it, because you will never guess my real age just by looking at me. So maybe Lexa will stay young forever with Baby Dove.

I also just came back from Zanzibar. WOW what a vibrant island nation and definitely a must-visit if you want to get out of the country but don’t feel like spending too much money. I have some photos up on my instagram/susanndeysel and instagram/goddesscoza. I will be loading more pics this weekend as I landed in Jozi, grabbed car keys and headed off to KZN for a funeral.

I feel like I need a getaway after Zanzibar and KZN. It has been non-stop go-go-go!

Wonder Woman hit the big screen!

If you haven’t yet seen Wonder Woman… you are missing out. It was literally the best superhero movie I have ever seen (and I’ve seen them all). She is such a great role model for all women.

Explore Limpopo

I grew up in Limpopo and I love taking my husband to all the amazing spots. In December I went to Limpopo and visited the Modjadji Rain Forest, the big Baobab that has now finally caved in completely and also a historic house.

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In Zanzibar I met a group of Maasai and I took a few photographs with them. I will also be sharing some of stuff I asked them and why I photographed them…keep an eye on my Goddess Blog!

  1. Zanzibar travel tips now that I’m back from my holiday there
  2. Meeting Fathima on the beach – a time when having an Instax camera brings happiness into someone’s life
  3. I booked my first ever all-inclusive holiday because the Rand was yo-yoing and I couldn’t chance it
  4. A holiday plan for Zanzibar
  5. Apply for your ID and passport online – what a timesaver!

If you would like to follow my travels, join me on:

Factory Shops

  1. WonderBra factory shops in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town!
  2. Falke socks in Cape Town
  3. Bargain Books factory shop in Cape Town
  4. Glodina towels factory shops in Durban and Wellington
  5. Black Cherry factory shop (Cape Town)
  6. BigL (Levi’s) factory outlet – Cape Town and Jozi

Remember, if you find a new factory shop or hear about an amazing sale, let me know!

Sales not to miss

  1. 3 sales happening until the end of the month
  2. Playtex factory shop sale – up to 40% off

Johannesburg perfume sale

Oooo jong, I still get asked when the perfume sale is happening! Let everyone you know, know about the sale – I love it when you forward my newsletters.

Mugler Source

Then also, just the other day I scored at the Mugler Source and it was an amazing experience. If you have no clue what I’m talking about… click here. I was completely blown away by the experience. (…and no, these will not be at the perfume sale.)


  1. If you are Gauteng based and would like to attend a special event that involves perfume in Jozi, just send me a message so I know to send you an invite first. Right now, this is a super secret…but, because it’s me – it will be awesome 🙂
  2. Who would like to do a breakfast in Jozi once a month? The aim is to try do a breakfast for R100 or less and try out new places. We pick a cafe/bakery/restaurant and all just pitch for a quick breakfast, have a laugh and nominate the next place. Pop me an email to get on the list.

Pay it forward…

If you know of someone that is looking for a job (especially IT related) please get them to like the GoldenRule Facebook page. These people are posting so many jobs on a daily basis – and if you can help someone find a job – you are a hero!


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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