Great, so you have settled on a fertility clinic and started your treatments – now what.

The day of your “Aspiration” you get booked into the hospital wing of your clinic. You get assigned your own bed with the mandatory perv gown (those open-backed gowns). You get to wait until 15 minutes before your procedure before changing into the gown and emptying your bladder.

When it is finally your time, you get rolled from the room to the theatre on your bed. They put a cap on your head to keep your hair out of your face and then you get hooked up to a heart rate monitor and a needle gets shoved in your arm.

You slowly fade into oblivion and a few hours later you wake up wake back in the ward. Your fertility specialist comes around between patients to talk to those waking up and lets you know if the aspiration was successful.

A day later you get to find out if the egg (ooctyte) survived and if the fertilisation was successful. Then you have to wait 2 more days to find out if you have any embryos that will go to the freezer.

If you have the flu…

I had the flu when I went in for my last aspiration. I was congested and coughing was insanely painful.

Make sure to put it on your form if you are sick.<<

During the aspiration under anesthesia I was fine, but as I started to wake up I apparently had difficulty breathing and everyone had to jump in to get my breathing up to acceptable levels. I don’t know how serious it was or what they did to get me back – but I’m still here and that is all that counts.


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