Let’s talk about supermarket manners – because some people just don’t have any! The other day I went to a PnP Hyper and the queues weren’t too busy but people had trolleys with lots of stuff in it. So I walked and chose one where people had little to buy in their baskets & hands. Kid you not, the woman in front of me had 2 items in her hand and when she got to the till her son arrives with a TROLLEY full of stuff from a neighbouring queue.

I was fuming at the mouth.

I’m sorry – how would she feel if someone did that to her? I looked at her and said that it was f*** rude and I hope she gets stuck in traffic for hours. I left to go stand in another queue and I was done before she even unpacked her whole trolley.

While I’m at it… last Saturday hubby and I took the kid out for a shopping trip and both of us lost it with inconsiderate idiots.

At McDonalds, when you have to wait for an order they usually send you (and your car) to the grill bays to wait for your order. The idiot in front of us refused. We waited 7 minutes with a screaming baby so he could get his apple pie. I wanted to get out and slap that man silly but I was sitting in the back of the car with the kid and couldn’t open the Audi’s door without slamming it into the wall – and climbing over a baby chair and screaming kid….

Just to top the day off we finished buying some Bennets wipes for the kid at Baby City and was busy reversing out when a guy walking like a donkey with eye patches on his cellphone. First he tries to walk behind the car instead of just going straight up to the shop door and then waddling (not really) like a slow dweeb not paying attention to his surroundings or cars in the middle of the road. We slowly drove behind him walking in the middle of the road – not hooting, because the kid was napping – and he spots us and loud enough for my husband and me to hear saying “asshole”.

My husband is the cool dude that doesn’t get angry – while I’m the one that literally burst into flames and people have to scatter.

This was the first time my husband opened the passenger window and yelled at someone that they are the asshole and should think a little.

I was like “just drive off babes” – because when hubby gets angry…imagine the TNT going off with me. I’m not scared of taking people on – but I don’t want my husband’s blood pressure to skyrocket

There are such inconsiderate people – and it isn’t one specific race. It is just that there are people that think the sun shines from their backsides.


Sat in a queue at FNB to get Forex for the trip and I was the 3rd person there and then 3 more arrived. The 2 people before me went and the women after me wanted to jump before me – and I turned around when she started to complain that I stole her spot and said “I’m 1.72m and even sitting down I’m taller than any person that sat in this line when you walked past me. I was here before you and I will go in now”. I could hear her mumble to her companion that came in after all of us about how rude it was for me to steal her spot. I don’t feel bad, because if the opened her eyes and could count the number of chairs and people she walked by…she would’ve realised that she is in the wrong.

It’s not all bad…

I went to fetch our Kauai smoothies (Vitality Rewards) and every place I stopped the car guards greeted and smiled and was helpful. The security guy even helped carry my 4 smoothies because he saw me balancing (and failing) and he didn’t want me to drop anything.

When you are nice to people – people are nice to you. It is such a simple concept so why are there so many people that think they are “special”?


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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