Do you wonder about how the stuff looks before they hit the shelves and you enjoy them? Since doing the spice tour on Zanzibar Island and the Vanilla tour on Reunion Island it fascinates me even more than before.

From pod with fleshy white interior to cocoa beans… and then pure chocolate cocoa to what I’ll be eating.

Lindt Dark Fondant Pudding Recipe


100g 70% Excellence Lindt Chocolate
100g butter
50g egg yolk (of 2 large eggs)
100g eggs (white and yolk)
50g flour
20g castor sugar
4 white Lindor Truffles


Place the butter and chocolate into a bowl and melt. Set aside when all is melted.
Whisk the eggs until it is pale/light.
Add the chocolate to the mixture and stir in the flour and sugar mix.
Cook and Spray your fondant ramekins.
Pipe the mixture into the ramekins – leaving about 1cm at the top.
Bake 7 to 9 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.
Make a small incision into the fondant and insert the Lindor Truffle.
Unmold into a place.
Serve hot and with a scoop of ice cream.


  • You can double up the recipe, but take into consideration if you pour all your hot chocolate into the whisked eggs you will have scrambled chocolate eggs. Nobody will be eating that.
  • Add castor sugar in the bottom of the fondant ramekin for an extra crunch.
  • Don’t leave your fondant in the ramekin to cool down, it will continue cooking.
  • Don’t substitute chocolates… This recipe is 100% perfect and the fondant is sweet as honey.
  • Do book the class with the Lindt studio in Jozi or Cape Town… it is really amazing.