Travel Tips


The only things you should never skimp on is saving, education and travel. You can take that to the bank.

Run your finances like a business

Your salary gets sliced into so many pieces and before you know it most of it has evaporated and you are left wondering where it all went. 

The simplest way to keep track of you income and expenses is to keep an eye on your bank statement, but if you have more than one account… you’ll need to put in a little more effort. Draw up a spreadsheet or do proper bookkeeping and see where you are wasting and can trim expenses. Make it a set task you do on a weekly basis.

Regularly go through your bank statements. You need to know what is happening. Cut what you don’t need.

Did you know that you should be getting insurance quotes on a yearly basis? Even if you don’t go with another insurer you can use comparative quotes to get a discount. I was with an insurance company for 12 years and eventually ended up paying almost R500 for household insurance a month – even with discounts. Finally last year I moved to Virseker and only pay R119… that is quite a saving! 

When you start adding up all the little savings you’ll be surprised at just how much it is.

Save like there is a tomorrow

Your goal should be to pay off your credit card bills in full at the end of each month and set aside money toward your emergency savings.

Suze Orman

I save on a monthly basis. I have an retirement annuity, 7 and 32 day notice accounts that each get a set amount transferred into it.  Also invested in property and pay extra towards the last few hundred thousands I still owe on the bonds.

Even more important than my own savings are our kids’ savings. Each kid gets a small amount from each of us into their own accounts.

Each month we also put a bit into a 32 day notice account for travels. This is our kitty for international travel so we can take the kids along without worrying about the extra costs.

However, spoil yourself sometimes. Go for that movie, eat out , buy that dress – but all in moderation.

Travel more often

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

Saint Augustine

Families that travel together stay together… You don’t have to go to international destinations to travel, you can also explore our beautiful country too!

I have so many fond memories from family holidays in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana with my parents and sister – and I want to continue the tradition.

The more you know the smarter you’ll be with your money

I cannot stress this enough, invest in yourself and your education. Without learning something new and growing your skills you might as well give up on your future (and travel).

You don’t have to do the most expensive courses either. You can choose online short courses that will add to your CV. You can even opt for free courses offered by Google (if that’s your industry).

Point is, never stop being a learner.

Shopping Tips

If you live in a big city like Joburg, Cape Town or Durban you sometimes get the chance to shop directly from big warehouse distributors for everything from make-up to clothes and everything inbetween. Just ask me, there is nothing better than using your favourite (very expensive) cream and not paying full-price.

Wait for the sales. There is nothing wrong with wearing your clothes for a couple of seasons (shock/horror) and there is nothing wrong with buying end of season clothes to update your cupboard. Just shop smart, look for the styles that are timeless.

Don’t buy it just because it is on sale. The rush of finding something that is just such a great bargain can sometimes cloud your judgement. Give yourself a 10 minute breather in the shop before rushing to pay for it.

We went to Reunion Island in 2018 with my elderly parents and 2 year old daughter on a self-drive/self-catering holiday for 9 days.

Here are my Reunion Island travel tips:

  1. Rent the smallest possible car that will fit your luggage (gasp). We rented a Renault Trafic 9 seater mini bus… and it was a scary drive! The roads are quite narrow and most of the town and scenic routes have a ditch on the right (passenger side) and a barely there yellow line shoulder. Plus you get to drive a left hand drive… Take the super waiver damage cover because plant life most certainly will hang over the road when the road is at its narrowest with a car coming from the front.
  2. Eat where the locals eat. The food will be traditional Creole and the portions bigger for a lot less. Check out for the takeaways painted in the Dodo beer colours.
  3. Learn some French or install a translation app on your phone. A lot of the locals, including business owners and staff, do not speak English.
  4. Sundays and Mondays not all attractions are open- this also extends to restaurants. However, if all else fails, go to the beach. If you happen to stumble over some black sand and rocks on the beach it’s probably volcanic rock.
  5. If you want to swim and sit on a great beach… look for the beach route. The best beaches stretch from Plage des Brisants to Plage de Boucan Canot – around Saint-Gilles.
  6. Install Google Offline Maps for Reunion Island. These maps have all the roads and most attractions. Plus you don’t need to delete them when you get home because they expire. Get the steps here.

You may also be interested in reading my article How much does (it) cost on Reunion Island?

When doing an independent tour of a country you always kind-of want to know how much it costs to buy a bread or coke so you can budget. Well, here are some of the items we bought and their prices.

How much does alcohol cost on Reunion Island?

How much does beer cost on Reunion Island
The cost of imported beer

Description Price Shop
Amsterdam Black Rhum 50CL €2.29 Leader Price
Special Prestige 50CL €1.29 Leader Price
Biere Gold 50CL €2.20 Leader Price
Dodo in a can €1.15 Local shop in Saint Philippe

Dodo Bourbon Reunion Island
Dodo Bourbon is the local beer and is the cheapest

How much does a baguette cost on Reunion Island?

Tip: sliced bread is more expensive than a baguette! Eat what the locals eat and your groceries will cost less.

Description Price Shop
Baguette €0.65 Leader Price, Hermitage
Baguette €0.80 Leader Price, Saint Philippe
Sliced bread €1.49 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne

And if you want some margarine to go with your bread… we paid €1.90 for a 200g Plantafin. If for some reason you feel like you need tomato sauce, we paid €1.80 for a normal squeegee bottle.

How much does fruit and vegetables cost on Reunion Island?

Description Price Shop
Tomatoes x 4 which was less than a kg €1.81 Leader Price
Banana bunch 1kg €2.90 Fraicheur de l’est, Saint Andre
Onion per kg €1.80 Fraicheur de l’est, Saint Andre
Potatoes per kg €1.90 Fraicheur de l’est, Saint Andre
Pears per kg €2.40 Fraicheur de l’est, Saint Andre
Dried dates 250g €2.65 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne
Bag of carrots €2.08 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne
2 x green peppers €2.49 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne
Small bag of potatoes €2.61 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne

…and if you need salt to cook, we paid €2.75 for a 110g grinder at Carrefour.

How much does cheese and biscuits cost on Reunion Island?

Description Price Shop
Babybel 120g 6 pieces €2.75 Leader Price
Babybel 120g 6 pieces €2.49 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne
TUC 100g €1.63 Leader Price

How much do snacks cost on Reunion Island?

Description Price Shop
Chips BBQ 135g €0.99 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne
Oreo cookies 176g €1.80 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne
Mini Snickers 227g €1.99 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne

How much does Coke-Cola cost on Reunion Island?

Description Price Shop
1.5l €1.85 Leader Price
1,5l x 4 €7.29 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne

How much does a can opener cost on Reunion Island?

The cheapest, nastiest can opener will set you back €5.49 from a Leader Price! It is very expensive as that same can opener costs R38 in South Africa.

How much does Pilchards cost (in case you feel like you want some)?

€2.93 for a 425g can. If you get that plus a baguette you are set for a big lunch to share between 4 people.

How much does
fuel cost on Reunion Island?

We rented a Renault Trafic 9 seater diesel with a 60l tank and did over 400km. In the end we spent €105 to fill up. A Total garage in Sainte Clotilde charged us €1.21 per liter of diesel.

Some garages have people to help fill your vehicle, others don’t. In case they don’t you have to go inside the shop (usually) and pay upfront for fuel by cash and afterwards you will get the remainder/change.

Rental of the van costs us R5 000 for the 12 days and they reserved a deposit of €1100, but we got this back afterwards.

How much does McDonalds cost on Reunion Island?

Description Price
Bic Mac Meal with hamburger, Coke and chips €9.90
Kiddies meal with burger, chips, Coke and toy €3.70

There were signs everywhere celebrating 50 years of the Big Mac, but finding a McDonalds… well, that was not so easy. They hide out in the bigger towns.

We had other takeaways from places lots of locals seemed to be eating at. Those meals were cheap as chips!

Local food by the beach
This is a sandwich that I ate for lunch + dinner. It has been Americano’d – chips added. Think it was €2.65.

Local food on Reunion Island
Local fare that cost less than 2 euros and I ate twice from it

Entrance fees to attractions

Description Prices
La Saga Du Rhum Adults €10
Children 6-16 €7.50Seniors €7.50
Piton de la Fournaise (volcano) €0
Musee Stella Matutina Adults €9
Provanille Adults €6
Reunion Island Aquarium Family €32 (2 adults + kid)
Adult €9.50
Kids 4-12 €6.50

I took some random pics of items you can buy on Reunion Island

I couldn’t resist…

How much does chocolates cost on Reunion Island
Milka & Oreo

I buy a lot of honey in South Africa so I thought I’d snap a pic of the “Miel”.

Honey on Reunion Island
Delicious golden honey

I like my Madeleines fresh, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Reunion Island bag of Madeleines
Madeleines in a bag

This one was my most impractical find. An appliance to make crepes and popcorn – what do you think, is it a winner?

How much does stuff cost on Reunion Island?
Popcorn and Crepe appliance – winner/loser?

If you haven’t read any of my Reunion Island family holiday posts, here you go:

With few days to go and lots to do before we leave for Reunion Island… I am beyond stressed as I have been working non-stop even over weekends and have barely had time to think about this holiday.

However, I have managed to at least scribble out a list of things to pack in-between work, taking a single 3 hour break, eating, taking Lexa out of the house so she doesn’t drive us mad and sleeping.

The biggest change in what I’m packing is that I’ve actually chosen to chuck in only jeans and T-shirts. Plus I only wear Jockey undies and they roll up so small… 1 pair of sneakers and flip-flops. That reminds me… I still need to print out medical aid documents…

Did I mention I’m only taking a cabin suitcase and bag for camera and documents?

SARS at the airport and the DA 65 form

You know, my back just went up when I read the horrible story of a guy having to pay R1,500 to bring his own old laptop back into the country. I mean really, for (bleep) sakes, it is stressful enough to travel and wonder what will get stolen at OR Tambo and not have to keep track of more forms for a trip. Seriously!

Anyway, download the form before you travel and complete it at home. You do not want to get into a situation where you have to fill in this form at the airport with all your electronics strewn on the floor – and forgetting something.

When you get to the airport and you are through the gates, get this form stamped at the SARS/customs desk.

I am nice enough to have found the link so you can download the DA 65 Registration of Goods for Reimportation form for airport customs.

Lexa is getting her first passport stamp – before she is 2!

So little Miss Lexa is the biggest issue because well, diapers and pram… I’m not going to wash clothes by hand every few days so I am packing enough clothes.

  • 4 pairs of socks
  • Sunhat
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrush
  • 1 x 48 bag of diapers with wipes and cream
  • 1 x pair of “closed” shoes and a pair of flip-flops
  • 12 sets of clothing
  • 4 sweater sets
  • 2 blankets
  • Travel sleeping tent
  • Stroller
  • Harness so she can run but not get away

What do I do with my cats while I’m on holiday?

My cats are very important to me and they actually get someone to come stay with them. I want to know that all 3 my cats are home and safe.

Giving a major shout-out to the Thule Partners at Fourways Crossing in Jozi for awesome service. Plus getting us the space we need so we can do roadtrips!

In April we packed 3 adults, 1 toddler and 3 cats into the Kia Sportage. Hubby and I took very little luggage but Lexa… well, she takes up quite a bit of space. The cats were split across 2 carriers with 1 set going in the back and one on the backseat between Lexa and I – with snacks toppled all over my feet.

It was the most uncomfortable 7 hour drive ever.

When we got back to Jozi it was time to call it like it is – we need more space to pack stuff for holidays. The Kruger Park camping holidays we want to do will stay a dream if we can’t make or find space.

A trailer was out because we do not have that many parking spaces and no garage. Plus I’m not sure I would be able to reverse a trailer either. The only solution… a roof box.

We looked at both companies that sell roof boxes and then we went to the Thule shop at Fourways Crossing in Johannesburg…

We strolled into Thule looking all tired-af and dishevelled – because that is how real people look the next day after a 7 hour drive, a screaming toddler (6 hours of screaming) and being pushed in a tiny corner with no space for feet. I knew the minute we walked in that we would be going home with a roof box – I just didn’t know which size or colour yet.

The owner slid out the first box from its shelf and I could see hubby’s eyes get that glint that warns me I am about to spend lots of money. When the lid came off the box I could see hubby measuring how many suitcases he could fit. When the slightly smaller Thule roof box came out he was already talking about how it would look on top of the car.

And there I was, the voice of reason asking for pricing… with quotes in my inbox I wanted to sleep on it, weigh the pros and cons. Hubby however was obsessing about which Thule roof box would look the best on the Kia – the 440l or the 400l.

2 days later, only because hubby went to the office, we were back at Thule in Fourways Crossing.

The guys at Thule quickly fitted the roof bars and finally hubby could see which roof box looks better on the car. They marched out with the 2 Thule roof boxes we were interested in and fitted them both on the roof so we could have chance to see for ourselves how it would look. It was a good thing too, because it showed us how easy it would be to do it all ourselves.

Thule roof box fitting

We walked side to side and looked at both. We uhmed and ah-ed and chose the one that looked the best on our family car. The lines of the 400l worked perfectly with our car and within 15 minutes everything was fitted and I’ve paid – and drove off into the sunset 🙂

We’ve already taken it up the mountains in Limpopo!

The first weekend getaway with our Thule roof box was in beautiful Limpopo. All our luggage was on top and a family heirloom piece of furniture in the boot – and when we came back the boot was full of fresh products from the market.

Kia Sportage and Thule Roofbox - South African Travel Blogger and Mommy Blogger
Kia Sportage and Thule Roofbox - South African Travel Blogger and Mommy Blogger

…and I’m going to say this, when the roof box is off, my car looks sexy-af sporty with the roof rack. Now I feel that the car reflects me.

Thule Roof Box - South African Travel Blogger and Mommy Blogger
In the box, Lexa’s camp cot and her big Lou Harvey bag – plus 2 cabin size suitcases will fit in and then some.

What makes the Thule roof boxes so special?

The boxes come in a glossy black or a matte grey finish – in a few different sizes. The shape of the boxes lets the wind just quietly whizz past it and you wouldn’t even feel the difference driving. Plus they told us they also rent out the Thule boxes and recently sold a 10 year old one (it was still on the shop floor) and that thing looked good.

Now for the best part… you can open your roof box from driver or passenger side! So if you get parked in next to a tree or someone that decided they want to cozy up to your car, just go to the other side.

So when you want to take it off or put it back on it is so super easy, my hubby did it all on his own! You open the lid after popping it on the roof, tighten the “screws” and done. The plastic, locks and clips are really durable – but if anything goes crack! it has a warranty.

So how can you get your hands on one of these amazing Thule roof boxes?

Pull up your car close to the Thule shop in Fourways Crossing (by Wimpy) and say that you’ve read about them on my blog… and that you really want one but really would like a little discount. And don’t stop at roof racks, boxes and bicycle carriers – look at the strollers and backpacks… suitcases. I think I became a fan-girl and now have visions of myself carrying amazing luggage on my travels too.

Tel: +27 11 465 9763

This btw is not a sponsored post. I just really love my Thule roof box so much that I wanted to share this with other city slickers that also have space issues.

It sucks that the Rand is such a volatile currency and just when you think, OK I’m going to do it, it tanks. Then you have to go back and talk to the travel agents again to see if there isn’t some special or other trip you could afford.

Well, to be honest I don’t use travel agents anymore. I make my own amazing holidays happen by doing all the work myself and using a few websites to get the cheapest flights and accommodation.

Check to find and compare flights. You can even search multi city flights. Plus, book your flights online. It is not just for local flights either!

Accommodation… well, this is where it gets interesting. AirBnB has extra charges compared to It really comes down to after you’ve added all the costs, found spaces in the right places which site would work for you. I prefer and even have the app on my phone with my itinerary and details of all the places I’ve booked.

Forex – sigh, you can only buy from 60 days before your trip. Subscribe to your bank’s forex newsletter and stay on top of the exchange rates. Some destinations it is easier to just take your credit card or a currency card, but other destinations like Zanzibar and the Maldives you need cash for the smaller informal transactions.

Anyway, I am finalising my list of things to do, places to go on Reunion Island and know that it is going to be epic!

My aunt visited the day before we left for KZN over the Easter long weekend. When she left I checked that her handbag was in her car’s boot – because the last time she left it on her passenger seat and her bag got stolen. Next morning at 6.30 am just as the Doom Foggers filled the House with billowing clouds of poison and we had locked the front door I got a frantic call…

My aunt wanted us to look for her phone that she may/may not have left in our house. I protested and declined to go back into a house filled with poison on the off-chance that it may still be on a couch my husband occupied after her departure

4 days later she phoned to let us know she found it in the back of her car in the jacket she wore that day. True story.

It made me wonder what can be used to help older people and adventurous travelers keep track of valuables – and then I found this…

Keys and portables will never go missing in action again

Keep track of everything you cannot afford to lose with nifty Orbits to call you to their location – wherever and whenever. Laptops, wallets, mobile phones, cameras and keys will never go missing in action with Orbit, a family of Bluetooth trackers.

Now in South Africa thanks to Gammatek, a leading distributor of branded technologies and accessories, Orbit is the ultimate portable possessions locator. Linked with the downloadable Orbit App, an Orbit – stuck on valuables or attached to keys – makes anything that is lost, found.

According to Gammatek’s Zev Cherniak, there are three varieties of Orbit available in South Africa; Orbit Stick-On, Orbit Card and Orbit Keys.

Orbit Stick-On is perfect for remote controls, laptops, mobile phones, tools, guitars and more. With the keyring attachment, it can be used on house and car keys, backpacks, luggage and cameras. Orbit Card is a non-obtrusive card that can be slipped into a wallet or purse, while Orbit Keys is designed specifically for keyrings.

“Using the app you can make your Orbit ring or check its last known GPS location. All of your Orbits can be tracked using the Orbit App. Orbit can also find your phone by making it ring even on silent. An added bonus is that Orbit can be used as a selfie remote,’ says Cherniak.

This puts an end to frenzied searches for misplaced valuables. To locate something that is missing, simply press the “Find Orbit” button on your mobile phone. If in range, the Orbit will play a melodic tune to alert you. When out of Bluetooth range of 30 metres, you can locate the missing item by means of its last known GPS location using the Orbit App. If it is your phone you are seeking, press the button on the side of your Orbit Card, Orbit Stick-On or Orbit Keys and it will make your phone ring. To take a selfie or group shot, open the in-app camera and use Orbit as a camera remote.

The Orbit Stick-On is powered by a replaceable CR2025 3 volt battery which can last up to a year. Orbit Card comes with a charging cable for recharging time and time again. Orbit Card will last about three months once fully charged. Orbit Keys is also powered by a replaceable battery.

Orbit is made available by Gammatek at leading retailers in South Africa. These include selected Vodacom stores,, Loot.

Last night I saw a post liked by one of my cousins (and I have like 24) and the story was just so heart-warming that I had to share…

After more than 10 years of service a gardener and housekeeper got a surprise from their employers. They would be taking a flight to see the ocean – both a first in their lives.

I looked through all the photos and videos and had to hold back a tear. It was so heart-warming to see these people looking out over the clouds with smiling faces. (Do you remeber the first time you flew?) The best however was to see them on the beach… it was pure joy. They played in the small surf close to the beach and loaded up on bottles of sea water and picked up shells to take back home. Apparently one of the two asked if the sea moved like that by itself (“loop die see so vanself”) – that just got me 6-0.

PS. I have made contact and will be posting a story about the employers and the lucky duo.

Save BIG with Travelstart this Black Flyday

After that story I feel like I need to fly down to Durban from Johannesburg! If you feel the same get your flights from Johannesburg to Durban.

…it gets even better Travelstart Black Friday has started!!! You can call it Black Flyday Flight Sale because it is going to go fast. They’ve pulled out some favourite destinations like Mauritius, Bali, Portugal or India from only R3,999 return, fly local from R299 one way and lots more! As if this isn’t enough, they’re giving you additional (app only) discounts on their trusty flight booking app, Flapp. These sweet deals won’t be around for long so book now or miss out. Hurry, sale ends on 27 November 2017.

So until I see you in Durbs, you can look at this beautiful pic taken in Soweto.

Have passport, will travel everywhere… if I had all the money in the world. Do you feel the same?

A while ago I wrote about how you can apply for your South African passport and ID online. Now I’m going to tell you what you need when applying for you kids’ passports.

Complete the online application for a minor. Choose where you would like to complete the biometrics (photo, verification, etc) and upload a copy of both parents’ ID documents. ( They also have an option if one parent is no longer in the picture.) Pay the R400 and wait for your confirmation SMS.

On the day of your kids’ passport appointment this is what you should take along:

– Both parents
– Both parents’ IDs
– All the kids’ unabridged birth certificates

When you arrive to the home affairs (at FNB or other bank) find the greeter to put their ID numbers in a book and get a number – without this even if you have an appointment you don’t exist to the officials…

They will first take a picture of the kid, then fingerprint both parents – and voila, you’re done!

Home affairs will send an SMS when you can pick up the passport/s.

How our appointment with Lexa went…

Not well, not well at all. The day of our appointment their system was offline. We waited for an hour – with – a – kid – that – got – bored. We eventually left after more than an hour with instructions to return another day.

We returned two days later. Second group through the door. Unfortunately my number 2 ticket didn’t guarantee us the second spot… oh no, we had to wait for 13 people to first get through their appointment… that took more than an hour.

Thank goodness I don’t have to take Lexa with when I pick up her passport!

I recently traveled to Zanzibar with dear hubby. We thought 4 hours flying, beach, why not…

He who wanders around by day a lot, learns a lot.
Atangaye na jua hujuwa.
(Kiswahili proverb from Tanzania)

We booked an All Inclusive holiday through Mango and it was a really good deal. Plus it meant the Rand could do what it wants (and a certain president could flap his lips as per usual) and we wouldn’t have unforeseen exchange rate issues.


  • Get US dollars – in small bills. $1 dollar notes are A-OK for pretty much anything tip related.
  • Even if you get quoted in Tanzanzian Shillings you can pay in Dollars and get change in shillings. Exchange conversions are sometimes a bit loose and fast.
  • Running out of Dollars and still want to tip? No problem, have your Rands handy. They love a R10 or R20 more than no tip – and it’s worth more than Tanzanian Shillings.
  • On Mango you also still have to buy your drinks and food in the air – and you pay in Rands.
  • Credit cards are handy at hotels but useless when you buy from the locals. You will also be charged a 5% transaction fee.
  • You can exchange money at the airport after landing… I don’t trust airport currency rates.

Not all tour companies are equal

We used 2 different tour companies and I can say without a doubt that some will herd you around like cattle and others will actually go the extra mile.

  • Speak to the Beach boys, sometimes they are licensed with licensed taxis and boats. However if they fail to deliver… and not licensed, you are screwed.
  • Do go on a Blue Safari. It is amazing! Check the weather. It is no fun on a dhow when it hops over waves instead of gracefully gliding.
  • Go off-menu for tours. Request a tour of a local village combined with a visit to a market.

Chat to the staff

When you are friendly to the staff they will share some local secrets… and let you know what to look out for or which trips are really worth the money. They will also tell you more about their customs and food without you having to ask.

I was lucky enough to chat to a Maasai named Ngulele who got his friends together for a few photos. These warriors still wear their traditional clothes, most don’t speak English – but… meeting these friendly Maasai was certainly a highlight of my trip. I will write a post on them – so look out for it! (The Maasai generally take on the role as security staff at hotels.)

Buying souvenirs

Negotiate. Always negotiate. When you buy more than 1 item informal traders will offer discount already.

Support the informal traders, they have the same stuff as the formal shops – and they are usually cheaper.

Other stuff to take on your Zanzibar holiday

  • Waterless hand sanitizer
  • or wet wipes
  • lots of it… pack it on outings even.
  • Sunscreen
  • Mozzie repellant
  • Shoes to walk over coral
  • Snorkeling gear

How would I rate Zanzibar

  • Compared to traveling to Thailand and Maldives, Zanzibar offers great value.
  • The beaches are OK once you get past the coral but Maldives’ beaches are much better.
  • However the people in Zanzibar are friendlier than Maldivians and they definitely don’t bug you to buy stuff the whole time like the Thais.
  • The Maldives is much further but prettier.
  • If I had to choose between Thailand and Zanzibar it would not be Thailand.
  • You can drink beer outside of the resorts in Zanzibar but in the Maldives it is a little more strict. In Thailand the party goes 24/7.

I really loved Zanzibar. It is a beautiful country with friendly people and there is a lot to explore and do. I would go back in a heartbeat.

Don’t set sail using somebody else’s star.
Asisa firie nyota ya mwenzio.
(Kiswahili proverb from Tanzania)

I will also share the items that was really useful on this trip. Like these:

  • I took a a 3/4 sleeve BOODY shirt and wore it almost all the time.
  • Ugly shoes that water just streamed out of – because my “plakkies” got sucked down by the sand and kept dismantling itself.