I am probably more proud of these pictures than any other I have taken. Maybe it is the fact that it was of Maasai or that I sent them home with a token for their families…

The Maasai kept the Instax photos, but I get to keep these memories forever too.

I will never forget Fathima walking on the beach with just a month to go before her baby’s birth. The smile she gave when she thanked me for the photo she would be able to show her child one day ♥️

…and Stonetown! I wish I had spent more time here and could wander the streets to capture all the beautiful doors. I hope that I can return one day to finish this INSTAX photo project.

Plus when you take a bunch of photos you get to play with them right there on the beach 🙂

Oh and this is my black Instax Mini with its pink cover 🙂


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