Here it is, the post I’ve been wanting to write the minute we got back from Zanzibar…

We landed at the smallest airport I have ever seen. Smaller than the Maldives’ airport… and that should tell you that it is TINY! We all piled into busses to be ferried to the main building and had to grab immigration cards. Then we queued up to go through passport control. Then we hit the pavement…

We found our shuttle service and made the hour drive to Reef and Beach Resort.What should’ve been a 2 lane road was really 1.5 lanes wide and passing vehicles seemed to have a fast and loose rule of who chickens out first… At first I closed my eyes each time the driver overtok a vehicle, but soon realised that everybody has adopted this mad way of driving.

Finally at the hotel…

At the hotel we were checked in, shown our rooms and escorted to the dining hall. I will not forget the first meal, fish and crab – with a local version of vetkoek. I scoffed those vetkoeks down – no Marmite.

After lunch hubby thought it would be nap time but I dragged him to the bar on the jetty. We sat and watched the tide go out and kite surfers on the horizon – and finally the sun setting behind the palm trees. It was a beautiful sunset!

The next morning

The next morning we took an early morning swim and it was low tide. It is very weird to see the bay drain. It reminded me of when we were on Phi Phi Island (Thailand).

Then we got the bad news and I spent the rest of the day organising our return to South Africa.

Why we chose the Reef & Beach Resort…

Usually we would stay at 4 and 5 star hotels, but this time I wanted to be off the beaten track. This hotel, was off-off-off the beaten track. No other other hotels close by and very few beach walkers.

I really actually enjoyed staying at this resort. I don’t mind that it was Italian run, because it felt more rustic – and there were plenty of locals around.



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