I am a sucker for beautiful architecture or engineering marvels. I’ll admit that I can spend hours studying something beautiful and appreciate what went into it, from the drawings to construction. So, when I read about the bridge I thought it would be cool to see on our way to the volcano.

Reunion Island Travel Suspension Bridge

Unfortunately the bridge is not open to stroll across – which would have been amazing. However when you look at the walkway, it is made of wood and I have seen enough movies to not want to tread on wood and dangle from a hole, legs flailing!

Old suspension Bridge in Pont Des Anglais, St. Anne/St. Rose

It is a 5 minute stop plus it is free. There is a vendor that sells some jams, pineapples and drinks.

I love graffiti, but when you do it on historic buildings etc… it’s not art but vandalism.

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