A to Z of companies that make handbags in South Africa – and there are many. You will be spoilt for choice between leather handbags, canvas handbags, recycled material bags and even vegan leather handbags.

I don’t just talk the talk, I support local. In my collection I have Tsonga, IY Apparel, Thandana, Peppertree (who unfortunately closed during the pandemic) and also…

#WearSouthAfrican: Tsonga in white & black and then my other IY Apparel bag

If you don’t spot your favourite South African handbag maker on this list, comment below and I will add them.

A – is for all the handbag makers in South Africa

B – is for the BEST quality handbags in the world made right here

C – is for creative handbag silhouettes and ideas

D – is for dream handbags made in South Africa

E – is for entrepreneurs who help the economy grow

F – is for flourish

G – is for giving

H – is for happy

I – is for industrious

J – is for joy

K – is for kindness

L – is for LEKKER

M – is for the “mooiste” handbags you could ever dream of

N – is for now

O – is for onwards

P – is for productive

Q – is for quality

  • oops… nothing yet here

R – is for roots in Africa

S – is for supporting South African businesses

T – is for thriving

U – is for uplift

V – is for value

  • oops… nothing yet here

W – is for wild Africa

X – is for you get me there…

  • oops… nothing yet here

Y – is for yes

  • oops… nothing yet here`

Z – is for ja ne, ek weet nie


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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