Our Reunion Island holiday wasn’t without its snags or moments of meltdown (mostly me) or times we felt the roads were just too unsafe. Unfortunately, once you are on a route you can’t just turn around… plus at the end of every terrifying drive there was something new to discover.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

From the suspension bridge we decided to take a secondary road that would shave quite a bit of distance off the route, but since it had a lot of “squiggles” it might add some time. What we didn’t realise was that it would be a beautiful road, but that the view would also be terrifying as f***.

Reunion Island sReunion Island sellf-drive holiday Susann Deyselellf-drive holiday Susann Deysel

There were times I wanted to get out of the car and just lay down in the road. The turn on turn on turn was just horrific… and then Lexa got sick and threw up all over herself (while strapped into her chair).

Reunion Island sellf-drive holiday Susann Deysel - Turns to make your stomach turn
Turns to make your stomach turn

This is my husband… I’m so glad he has nerves of steel. Yes he is sitting on the “wrong side of the car” it is not your eyes playing tricks.

Self-Drive Holiday on Reunion Island

It took like what felt like forever to get to La Plaine des Cafres, the town closest to the volcano. When we got there our AirBnb host didn’t respond to messages and couldn’t speak English so phoning was a big waste of time. Eventually she and her husband arrived… but he strongly smelled like alcohol and by that time my fuse was lit.

La Plaines des Cafres Reunion Island Travel

The AirBnb we rented was a dump

The horror of what was inside the highly rated traditional gite… I have many not so beautiful words to describe this place. The wi-fi password was incorrect and she claimed the internet was down (unfortunately she had 2 tech savvy guests who knew she was lying); the floors were dirty as f***; the kitchen sink was blocked and the tap was leaking at an alarming rate. We had to switch off the water so as not to flood the place ; and oh there were 3 forks for 5 people…

The only good thing about the AirBnb… it was almost right next to the Volcano Museum (coming in another post) and you could walk to a small shop just down the road.

The next morning we got the hell out of that dump and left at 6am to drive to the volcano. Nobody even bothered to shower.

On our way to the volcano, in the rain

We wanted to go up this volcano come rain or sunshine. Google Maps said it would take 46 minutes for 16 kilometers.

To the volcano Reunion Island Susann Deysel Blogger

You will just have to follow my series of articles about Reunion Island to see the photos from our very scary drive to the volcano.

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