Since I’ve last shared my and the kids’ Pandora bracelets I’ve added quite a few new charms. I wear mine regularly – even if it is now mostly just at home. (Scroll to the bottom to see how you can take part in the Voices of Pandora fun.)

My Pandora bracelet is all about travel, I have a suitcase and world map charm; followed by Big Ben as the UK was the first country I landed on all those years ago with one of my best friends; I also have a Dutch windmill because the Netherlands was where I phoned my mom from to tell her how beautiful the tulips were; lastly I have the Colosseum as hubby and I had so much fun on our European honeymoon here – and a waterseller’s line, “it’s the best water in the world” we will never forget.

For Lexa I have a fairy with a wand – because she is so magical; a Christmas cat to celebrate the Christmas we got little Sandton (the cat); we also have an orchid to celebrate all the beautiful flowers she and my mom saw when we were on Reunion Island; a double heart charm for when we got her sister; the big 5; A Mickey Mouse because she is obsessed with her MiMak; and lots of hearts because we love her so much.

Lily also has the sibling charm; as well as the Big 5 charm to celebrate South Africa; a beautiful pink flower charm from my own bracelet; A big white balloon with a teddy bear hanging onto it’s own teddy bear; plus just as many hearts as her sister; she also has an initial charm to signify her name;

Voices of Pandora

Storytelling and collecting are natural human impulses, something Pandora first tapped into 20 years ago with the creation of its Pandora Moments charm bracelet concept. To celebrate the now-iconic piece and thank Pandora consumers around the world, the brand kicks off Voices of Pandora on August 18, a global activation designed to ignite self-expression and connection through collecting personal stories.

Throughout September, Pandora will release collages of fan photos from all over the world wearing charms that are linked to memorable firsts in their lives.

 With the activation, Pandora invites its community to become the voice of its celebration. By uploading a photo of their favourite charm on their arm, along with an explanation of what it represents for them, fans can share the memorable firsts and milestone moments they have captured with their Pandora charm bracelet. Whether it’s a first kiss or a first trip, with every charm comes a unique story. Using a selection of the images, Pandora will create a photo collage, releasing new versions to go live on its digital channels for September.

 Adding to the collages, Voices of Pandora will also launch short films and feature the memorable firsts of both a selection of Pandora super fans from around the world and the Pandora Muses, a global collective of inspiring women. During recent remote photo and video shoots, super fans and the Pandora Muses shared anecdotes about their milestone moments and passions captured in their Pandora charms. From a camera symbolising a passion for photography to a turtle representing a love of ocean wildlife, the women seized the opportunity to get creative and tell the stories behind their jewellery.

Influencers around the world will also take part in Voices of Pandora, sharing their cherished charm stories. The collective result will be an original and diverse celebration of the people, stories and voices that make up the Pandora community around the  world.

Consumers are still invited to submit their images and stories throughout September and until the end of the activation in October.

The Voices of Pandora activation will culminate in the release of a short film in October, highlighting content from our Pandora consumers worldwide. This film will be released to say thank you to fans for taking part in the celebration and trusting us with their memories and milestones.



Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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