We have now been in the Maldives for 4.5 days… I think. I kind of lost track of time a few days ago.

I am so relaxed and tanned. The best part is we are here until the 9th!

I never thought I would come to the  #Maldives. Looking at the travel packages offered, I could not justify my love for travel with the price tag of a Maldives resort.

Then this year I got free tickets to fly to Singapore and next minute I knew I was eyeing the Maldives and started to do some research. I was surprised at the prices of the non resort hotels and right then I knew that was the place I would drag my husband to.

We were stuck in airports and planned for close to 19 hours, but it was worth it.  This was what people made me believe Thailand would be like…. They lied. Paradise is not in Thailand, it is in the  Maldives.

Do yourself a favour and use booking.com and skyscanner.net to check for cheaper flights and accommodation in the Maldives.



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