It has been a month since we arrived back from the amazing Maldives – and I have major withdrawal symptoms.

I am still flipping through the photos regularly and can remember every second of our time spent in paradise. One of my favourite outings was definitely to a “picnic island”. These islands are usually uninhabited but with some facilities for tourists. The cost of such and excursion can range to about R1500 for 2 people and it includes a water, food and transport.

When we arrived at the picnic island, I was off the boat like the Flash and ready to get into the water. We were in a group of about 12 people, so the island was really private. The word idyllic comes to mind when I talk about an island where there is very few people.

The island guides were really friendly and while we enjoyed some snorkeling they were fishing for lunch and unpacking the prepared dishes.

After about 3 hours of snorkeling, swimming and tanning lunch was served, fresh from the sea – and land. I have never had fish like the ones they served on this island, but it was soooooo delicious. They even gave us a little fish that was about 5cm long and it was really crunchy and salty – I didn’t eat the head).

The full meal was a nicely balanced meal – and I had seconds!

My view on going to faraway places is that if you go somewhere, you might as well spend a little more and explore a little more.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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