When you walk through the gates at the Vatican City (from Rome) it is a totally different vibe. The tourists are crammed in, but it is still quiet. You expect to see many priests walking around – but maybe they are so inconspicuous that you don’t see them or they are somewhere inside.

The Vatican isn’t small. It is HU-GE! The courtyard is crazy large and I can see how so many people come here for religious services.

You will also notice these guards with their very colourful uniforms… Remember the lion monument in Lucerne? Well, these guys are Swiss Guards. They are highly revered in Europe – and are tasked to protect the pope. You can read more about their history here.

Once you are inside the buildings (museum, St Peter’s Basilica) you will notice the sheer opulence. There are so many pieces of art on the walls and roof and it just doesn’t end. It is just so beautiful and you want to see everything, but your neck just can’t…

They have art from all the great masters and from many civilizations – and it is all just so beautiful!

When I said it is opulent I really meant it… Have you ever seen a church like this?

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