Giving a major shout-out to the Thule Partners at Fourways Crossing in Jozi for awesome service. Plus getting us the space we need so we can do roadtrips!

In April we packed 3 adults, 1 toddler and 3 cats into the Kia Sportage. Hubby and I took very little luggage but Lexa… well, she takes up quite a bit of space. The cats were split across 2 carriers with 1 set going in the back and one on the backseat between Lexa and I – with snacks toppled all over my feet.

It was the most uncomfortable 7 hour drive ever.

When we got back to Jozi it was time to call it like it is – we need more space to pack stuff for holidays. The Kruger Park camping holidays we want to do will stay a dream if we can’t make or find space.

A trailer was out because we do not have that many parking spaces and no garage. Plus I’m not sure I would be able to reverse a trailer either. The only solution… a roof box.

We looked at both companies that sell roof boxes and then we went to the Thule shop at Fourways Crossing in Johannesburg…

We strolled into Thule looking all tired-af and dishevelled – because that is how real people look the next day after a 7 hour drive, a screaming toddler (6 hours of screaming) and being pushed in a tiny corner with no space for feet. I knew the minute we walked in that we would be going home with a roof box – I just didn’t know which size or colour yet.

The owner slid out the first box from its shelf and I could see hubby’s eyes get that glint that warns me I am about to spend lots of money. When the lid came off the box I could see hubby measuring how many suitcases he could fit. When the slightly smaller Thule roof box came out he was already talking about how it would look on top of the car.

And there I was, the voice of reason asking for pricing… with quotes in my inbox I wanted to sleep on it, weigh the pros and cons. Hubby however was obsessing about which Thule roof box would look the best on the Kia – the 440l or the 400l.

2 days later, only because hubby went to the office, we were back at Thule in Fourways Crossing.

The guys at Thule quickly fitted the roof bars and finally hubby could see which roof box looks better on the car. They marched out with the 2 Thule roof boxes we were interested in and fitted them both on the roof so we could have chance to see for ourselves how it would look. It was a good thing too, because it showed us how easy it would be to do it all ourselves.

Thule roof box fitting

We walked side to side and looked at both. We uhmed and ah-ed and chose the one that looked the best on our family car. The lines of the 400l worked perfectly with our car and within 15 minutes everything was fitted and I’ve paid – and drove off into the sunset 🙂

We’ve already taken it up the mountains in Limpopo!

The first weekend getaway with our Thule roof box was in beautiful Limpopo. All our luggage was on top and a family heirloom piece of furniture in the boot – and when we came back the boot was full of fresh products from the market.

Kia Sportage and Thule Roofbox - South African Travel Blogger and Mommy Blogger
Kia Sportage and Thule Roofbox - South African Travel Blogger and Mommy Blogger

…and I’m going to say this, when the roof box is off, my car looks sexy-af sporty with the roof rack. Now I feel that the car reflects me.

Thule Roof Box - South African Travel Blogger and Mommy Blogger
In the box, Lexa’s camp cot and her big Lou Harvey bag – plus 2 cabin size suitcases will fit in and then some.

What makes the Thule roof boxes so special?

The boxes come in a glossy black or a matte grey finish – in a few different sizes. The shape of the boxes lets the wind just quietly whizz past it and you wouldn’t even feel the difference driving. Plus they told us they also rent out the Thule boxes and recently sold a 10 year old one (it was still on the shop floor) and that thing looked good.

Now for the best part… you can open your roof box from driver or passenger side! So if you get parked in next to a tree or someone that decided they want to cozy up to your car, just go to the other side.

So when you want to take it off or put it back on it is so super easy, my hubby did it all on his own! You open the lid after popping it on the roof, tighten the “screws” and done. The plastic, locks and clips are really durable – but if anything goes crack! it has a warranty.

So how can you get your hands on one of these amazing Thule roof boxes?

Pull up your car close to the Thule shop in Fourways Crossing (by Wimpy) and say that you’ve read about them on my blog… and that you really want one but really would like a little discount. And don’t stop at roof racks, boxes and bicycle carriers – look at the strollers and backpacks… suitcases. I think I became a fan-girl and now have visions of myself carrying amazing luggage on my travels too.

Tel: +27 11 465 9763

This btw is not a sponsored post. I just really love my Thule roof box so much that I wanted to share this with other city slickers that also have space issues.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.


  1. Thanks for sharing. We used to have space issues with the stroller that cost us a fortune and could only be packed across the boot, taking up all the space. We now have bought a cheapie that fits longways and walla …we have space. We did however think about the Thule for the roof and perhaps still will need one so I’m glad to have stumbled across your post and thanks for sharing the positive experience!

    • Susann Reply

      We also have a cheapie (and the huge one everyone recommended) that I used to keep in my tiny hatchback but now I know that I don’t have to worry about the tent, camping chairs, stretchers, clothes food and kitchen stuff when we do want to go camp. We rented trailers a few times, but eish, some of those were so wonky it scared me.

      I worked it out, if we use the Thule 3 or 4 times a year it will pay itself off within 3 years – taking into account how much we would’ve spent on rentals.

      Plus there is a “plan-aheadness” to this scheme that I’ll share soon enough 🙂

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