When doing an independent tour of a country you always kind-of want to know how much it costs to buy a bread or coke so you can budget. Well, here are some of the items we bought and their prices.

How much does alcohol cost on Reunion Island?

How much does beer cost on Reunion Island
The cost of imported beer
Description Price Shop
Amsterdam Black Rhum 50CL €2.29 Leader Price
Special Prestige 50CL €1.29 Leader Price
Biere Gold 50CL €2.20 Leader Price
Dodo in a can €1.15 Local shop in Saint Philippe
Dodo Bourbon Reunion Island
Dodo Bourbon is the local beer and is the cheapest

How much does a baguette cost on Reunion Island?

Tip: sliced bread is more expensive than a baguette! Eat what the locals eat and your groceries will cost less.

Description Price Shop
Baguette €0.65 Leader Price, Hermitage
Baguette €0.80 Leader Price, Saint Philippe
Sliced bread €1.49 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne

And if you want some margarine to go with your bread… we paid €1.90 for a 200g Plantafin. If for some reason you feel like you need tomato sauce, we paid €1.80 for a normal squeegee bottle.

How much does fruit and vegetables cost on Reunion Island?

Description Price Shop
Tomatoes x 4 which was less than a kg €1.81 Leader Price
Banana bunch 1kg €2.90 Fraicheur de l’est, Saint Andre
Onion per kg €1.80 Fraicheur de l’est, Saint Andre
Potatoes per kg €1.90 Fraicheur de l’est, Saint Andre
Pears per kg €2.40 Fraicheur de l’est, Saint Andre
Dried dates 250g €2.65 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne
Bag of carrots €2.08 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne
2 x green peppers €2.49 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne
Small bag of potatoes €2.61 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne

…and if you need salt to cook, we paid €2.75 for a 110g grinder at Carrefour.

How much does cheese and biscuits cost on Reunion Island?

Description Price Shop
Babybel 120g 6 pieces €2.75 Leader Price
Babybel 120g 6 pieces €2.49 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne
TUC 100g €1.63 Leader Price

How much do snacks cost on Reunion Island?

Description Price Shop
Chips BBQ 135g €0.99 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne
Oreo cookies 176g €1.80 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne
Mini Snickers 227g €1.99 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne

How much does Coke-Cola cost on Reunion Island?

Description Price Shop
1.5l €1.85 Leader Price
1,5l x 4 €7.29 Carrefour Sainte Suzanne

How much does a can opener cost on Reunion Island?

The cheapest, nastiest can opener will set you back €5.49 from a Leader Price! It is very expensive as that same can opener costs R38 in South Africa.

How much does Pilchards cost (in case you feel like you want some)?

€2.93 for a 425g can. If you get that plus a baguette you are set for a big lunch to share between 4 people.

How much does
fuel cost on Reunion Island?

We rented a Renault Trafic 9 seater diesel with a 60l tank and did over 400km. In the end we spent €105 to fill up. A Total garage in Sainte Clotilde charged us €1.21 per liter of diesel.

Some garages have people to help fill your vehicle, others don’t. In case they don’t you have to go inside the shop (usually) and pay upfront for fuel by cash and afterwards you will get the remainder/change.

Rental of the van costs us R5 000 for the 12 days and they reserved a deposit of €1100, but we got this back afterwards.

How much does McDonalds cost on Reunion Island?

Description Price
Bic Mac Meal with hamburger, Coke and chips €9.90
Kiddies meal with burger, chips, Coke and toy €3.70

There were signs everywhere celebrating 50 years of the Big Mac, but finding a McDonalds… well, that was not so easy. They hide out in the bigger towns.

We had other takeaways from places lots of locals seemed to be eating at. Those meals were cheap as chips!

Local food by the beach
This is a sandwich that I ate for lunch + dinner. It has been Americano’d – chips added. Think it was €2.65.
Local food on Reunion Island
Local fare that cost less than 2 euros and I ate twice from it

Entrance fees to attractions

Description Prices
La Saga Du Rhum Adults €10
Children 6-16 €7.50Seniors €7.50
Piton de la Fournaise (volcano) €0
Musee Stella Matutina Adults €9
Provanille Adults €6
Reunion Island Aquarium Family €32 (2 adults + kid)
Adult €9.50
Kids 4-12 €6.50

I took some random pics of items you can buy on Reunion Island

I couldn’t resist…

How much does chocolates cost on Reunion Island
Milka & Oreo

I buy a lot of honey in South Africa so I thought I’d snap a pic of the “Miel”.

Honey on Reunion Island
Delicious golden honey

I like my Madeleines fresh, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Reunion Island bag of Madeleines
Madeleines in a bag

This one was my most impractical find. An appliance to make crepes and popcorn – what do you think, is it a winner?

How much does stuff cost on Reunion Island?
Popcorn and Crepe appliance – winner/loser?

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  1. I think those items were pretty reasonably priced. South African inflation is rising so quickly that it makes affluent cities seem affordable. So, what are you doing on Reunion Island?

    • Susann Reply

      We were on Reunion Island for a family holiday 🙂
      The only complaint is that they need better chips!

  2. Hi Susan.
    What an awesome site and review.
    My wife and I want to go to Reunion for about 10 days in September 2019.
    We have looked into accommodation that is B&B. So basically we would need to eat and drink for lunch and dinner.
    Bearing in mind I do like my beer, and my wife her wine 🙂 what amount of money per day should we look at taking with us

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