Fujifilm is proud to introduce the Instax Mini 40 instant camera, the new entry-level camera in the ever-growing Instax line-up. The Mini 40 embraces the old-school look-and-feel of film cameras thanks to its all-black leatherette body combined with a classic silver frame.

Despite its retro looks, the Mini 40 incorporates the latest technology, as found on Instax’s Mini 11 and Square SQ1 instant cameras released last year.

No worries with Automatic Exposure

With the ‘Automatic Exposure’ function, for example, the Mini 40 automatically optimises the shutter speed, flash output and other settings according to the overall shooting conditions. This allows for balanced prints that are correctly exposed in both bright outdoor and low-light indoor environments.

Users can also activate the ‘Selfie mode’ for taking selfies and close-up shots. The mode is initiated by pulling out the front edge of the camera’s lens after powering it on, making sure that any image taken from close up (30 cm – 50 cm) is in focus.

The Mini 40 is powered by two AA-batteries (included), and with a weight of only 330g (without batteries, strap and film) the camera is extremely portable. As an additional accessory and to compliment the camera’s style, Instax is releasing a stylish black camera case with stitching detail and a shoulder strap. Safely tucked into the case, the Mini 40 is ready for any picnic, party or road trip.

Ready for Contact

As can be gathered from the name, the Mini 40 uses Fujifilm’s Mini film, which provides a photo picture size of 62 x 46mm. The film packs are easy to load, with the camera able to print a beautiful photo in about 90 seconds.

Part of the fun of the Instax range is the wide variety of film types available for prints. Alongside the Mini 40, Fujifilm is introducing a new Mini-format film named “Contact Sheet”. The stylised black border design imitates a contact sheet, traditionally developed by film photographers in photographic dark rooms. The Contact Sheet film pack contains ten prints and can be used in all Instax Mini cameras.

Price and availability

Instax fans need not wait long, since the Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 instant camera will be available in South Africa on 21 April 2021, set to retail for R1 399 incl. VAT. Photographers looking for the Contact Sheet film pack can find it in stores or online on the same day, selling for a recommended R169 incl. VAT.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Fujifilm Instax believes that this day of love should be about creating memories together. And what better way to ensure memories are shared than having an Instax instant camera present on the day, or perhaps as a present for the day?

With this in mind, we offer a few suggestions for a Valentine’s Day filled with shared memories.

An amazing Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Valentine’s Camera Bundle

Reasons to love: Looking for that perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? Instax has you covered with a bundle you just can’t help but love. Conveniently packaged, you receive an Instax Mini 11 camera, a carry case, four packs of Mini film and two Mini photo frames. It’s a beautiful gift for a special day and at a great price.

Cost: R1749, available online or in select retail stores.

The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1

Reasons to love: The latest camera from Instax, the SQ1 is the easiest way to get into capturing classic Square shaped photos. Not only is the SQ1 extremely easy to use, but it has been redesigned for better auto-exposure and selfies. Plus, with a range of accessories, it is sure to fit your loved one’s lifestyle.

Cost: R1999, available online or in select retail stores.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini Link printer

Reasons to love: The Instax Mini Link offers the perfect way to print those beautiful memories stored on a smartphone. It’s easy to set up through the app and offers a number of interesting extras, including “Match Test” mode which scores your compatibility with a friend or someone extra special.

Cost: R1899, available online or in select retail stores.

New Instax Mini and Square film

Reasons to love: When printing memories, there’s no reason to only stick with the regular white borders for your photos. Instax offers a range of interesting film types on the Mini side, including Pink Lemonade, Shiny Star, Candy Pop or Confetti, while Square prints look amazing in a Black frame.

Cost: Starting at R155 (pack of 10) for Instax Mini film, and R179 (pack of 10) for Instax Square film.

I didn’t spent much on the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. Shopping has mostly lost its joy for me.

Revlon Sale

Rumour has it that the Revlon sale is now on until 20 December 2020.

  • 15 Serenade Road, Rustavia, Elandsfontein (it is in a building, not a tent)
  • 8 to 5 Monday to Friday and I’m not sure about the Saturday and Sunday times, but ususally they were open from 8 to 3 on a Saturday and to 1 on a Sunday
  • Only debit and credit cards accepted

Instax basement sale

1st ever BASEMENT #SALE this Friday, 4 December between 9am and 3pm

Fragrance Sale

The normal Marlboro fragrance sale is still on… online. I wasn’t too impressed with the prices, but maybe I am just getting old and forgetting prices of fragrances.

Twincare sale

The Twincare sale went online this year. It was on on 2 December but unfortunately already done.

FUJIFILM South Africa is proud to announce the launch of the instax mini 11, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2017’s best-selling mini 9. The mini 11 instant camera provides on-the-spot photo printing and comes with a number of features never seen before on instax mini cameras.

New features for better photos

The new instax mini 11 is the first entry-level model to feature the ‘Automatic Exposure’ function, providing better-looking photos in darker lighting conditions. Here the camera automatically senses the level of ambient light when the shutter button is pressed, optimising the shutter speed and flash output according to the surrounding brightness. The result is less flash ‘blowout’ indoors, with both the subject and background now correctly exposed.

Another feature that makes taking instax photos easier than ever before is the Selfie Mode, which is ideal for both selfies and close-ups photos. On the previous instax mini 9 camera, an adapter needed to be placed on the lens for selfies. On the new mini 11, the Selfie Mode can be activated by simply pulling out the front-end edge of the lens after powering the camera on.

Users will see the “Selfie On” mark on the edge of the lens, with the mini 11 now able to take photos at a closer focussing distance, around 30-50cm away. They can also conveniently frame their selfie by checking the little mirror panel on the side of the lens for composition.

Even more fun than before

The instax mini 11’s rounder, softer and compact style builds on the popular design of its mini 9 predecessor. The mini 11 is actually smaller in size than its older sister, making it easier to carry around, also weighing a bit less at 293g (without batteries, strap, and film). All said, it’s a fun looking camera, with contrasting design elements on the mini 11 achieved by using a different material around the lens from the rest of the camera body.

Those looking to customise their mini 11 can do so via two included accessories – a glow in the dark button and a jewel button which can be placed on top of the shutter button. There’s also a colour coded strap included in the box which fits around the wrist.

Powering the mini 11 are two AA-size alkaline batteries (included), able to provide enough battery life for 100 exposures. Talking of which, the mini 11 is just as quick to print out your photos, with an instax mini print ready in about 90 seconds after the shutter button is pressed.

Price and Availability

To capture a photo and see it develop instantly remains a satisfying experience. But being able to give that print to a friend or a loved one is what instax instant photography is all about – don’t just take, give!

The FUJIFILM instax mini 11 is coming to South Africa in five pale tone colours, namely Blush Pink, Sky Blue, Charcoal Gray, Ice White and Lilac Purple. The camera will be available locally in select retail stores and online starting mid-July 2020, retailing for R1 199 (incl.VAT), or as a kit with one pack of instax film (10 prints) for R1 349 (incl. VAT).

Fans of the instax will be happy to know that it will come with a range of accessories, including new camera cases and photo albums.

I can’t do a gift guide a day or break it down to one for every person in the family. The one thing I don’t want more of this year is more stuff taking up space in my house. With this post I’m taking the guessing work out of gift-giving if you need to buy for someone like me…

Hours of word fun

A book with crossword puzzles! I started doing crosswords again while my mom was sick and I’m almost done with my first book with 50 puzzles (but have started a new one in the meantime). This is probably one of the most relaxing things in my life. It is a “not so expensive gift” and if given to the right person, you will make someone very happy.

Snap Happy!

If there is a Secret Santa out there that would like to spoil me, buy me film for my Instax Mini LiPlay! You don’t even have to think about it – film is always appreciated.

If however you feel like spoiling a very special person in your life, get them the Instax Mini LiPlay or printer – or even an Instax Mini… or any Instax camera. I have yet to meet a person that won’t love one.

A spa day – at home

Get them something from Matsimela. They have the most amazing products and you can pick up something really great without having to break the bank. You can read about their newest products here.

Burt and the Bees

Just joking… When you order something from Takealot and would rather add something else to your cart than pay for delivery, put in a hand or lip balm from Burt’s Bees. Whomever you gift it to will think you’re the Bees’ Knees. (I’m so sorry about trying to pun it out!)

Pandora, always Pandora!

Did you know that Pandora and Warner Bros. have teamed up to launch a Harry Potter inspired collection? I still can’t believe that Harry Potter is still this popular, but apparently it is – according to my nieces.

You don’t have to be a witch or wizard to wear these spellbinding charms, but you definitely need to know that you’ll make a Harry Potter fan happy if you gift them one of these charms!

Harry Potter X Pandora

I’m more of a classic Pandora charm girl so I would probably appreciate something from the Festive Collection more… The Celestial charms speak to me but I wouldn’t say no to Shine Bright or Blue Dreams charms either!

Pandora Festive Collection – Celestial

A tipple

I can throw a lot of beautiful content on how drinking a gin will conjure memories of South African landscapes, the scents of earthiness, fresh dewy florals in the veld or even the way thatch smells in the sun – but to be honest I’m just going to tell you that when you support local, you are the absolute best. When you wrap up and give a Wixworth Gin the recipient will know that it is a thoughtfully chosen gift and enjoy it more. #BeAClassic #wixworthgin

Just to twist your arm a little, look at… when you can support a local brand that also gives towards the preservation of endangered species, you get double the gift glow satisfaction.

A meaningful gift

You can donate time or money to an animal shelter (hint hint), be kind to your fellow humans or support brands that give back. I heard about TOMS… and this is what you need to know:

  • TOMS was born of a belief in a better tomorrow. Since 2006, the TOMS community has been providing shoes, sight, and safe water to millions of people around the world.
  • Since its inception, TOMS has given over 93, 000, 000 pairs of shoes, over 770, 000 sight restorations, over 720, 000 weeks of safe water to deserving communities and over $6,5 million in impact grants.

Visit to view and shop up a storm. #tomssouthafrica #shoptoms #standfortomorrow

For kids

I’m not going to lie, in our house there are more Barbies, My Little Ponies and LOL Dolls than anything else, but I’m guilty of spoiling my girls rotten because I want to play with their new toys…

You seriously don’t have to go big. I bought an egg with a packet of sweeties and a mini My Little Pony for Lexa as part of her advent calendar (and it costs R20) and she LOVES IT! I’m going to put it out there, for most kids as long as they can unwrap it, they’ll love it.

Ideas for your kids’s presents

  • Books and that includes colouring books
  • A toy from their favourite TV show (we have PJ Masks, MLP… Fancy Nancy)
  • A T-shirt with their favourite animals or TV characters
  • Puzzles
  • Fingerlings – these things are so cute
  • PlayDoh
  • The super new Color Reveal BARBIE (please I want one)
  • A pet LOL for their LOL Dolls
  • Nerf gun…

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you spend. Just spoil someone with a thoughtful gift – or just put down your phone and have an actual conversation.

There’s a new INSTAX printer that’s set to change printing on the go. The INSTAX Mini Link smartphone printer weighs in at 200g, comes with unique functionality, and can be taken to any location, party or event for instant prints.

If you feel like buying me anything for Christmas, please just buy Instax Mini film! I seriously love printing my special moments and awesome places visited… and I can’t seem to stop!

FUJIFILM South Africa just announced the launch of the INSTAX Mini Link, the latest in its line-up of instant printing devices. The INSTAX Mini Link is a smartphone printer with a variety of unique functions designed to make on-the-go instant printing possible. Weighing in at just 200g for excellent portability, this compact palm-top printer is an accessory that can be taken to any location, party or event.

The INSTAX Mini Link creates high-quality INSTAX instant prints from a smartphone camera roll. Using Bluetooth*1, the Mini Link app*2 connects a smartphone to the printer. The app allows users to enjoy a variety of creative features, with Bluetooth providing a quick and seamless transfer of images.

Interestingly, users of the Mini Link can active different modes depending on how the printer is placed. Stand the Mini Link vertically and the traditional Print Mode is activated, allowing one to print images from a smartphone and even select a frame from a video to print. When printing with friends, Fun Mode is selected when the Mini Link is placed horizontally. This gives users access to a range of features, including Party Print, Collage Print and Match Test, a fun way to check the compatibility of friends.

The main features of the INSTAX Mini Link include:  

Lightweight Portability and Speed

Surpassing the functionality offered by other smartphone printers in its class, the lightweight, handheld INSTAX MINI LINK transfers a print in about 12 seconds, supports continuous printing, and is capable of printing about 100 INSTAX prints per charge.

Video Print functionality prints a selected frame from smartphone video

Sometimes the best moment was recorded on video. With the Mini Link app, one can scroll through smartphone video frames to find the perfect moment, select the stand-out shot and then print it.

Party Print creates a single picture with photos sent from multiple users

This function connects up to five smartphones to the app, combining a selected picture from each device into one INSTAX collage print. An option within this function is Surprise Mode to keep the final image a secret until the print starts developing.

Customise INSTAX prints with design frames

The INSTAX Mini Link app contains a variety of design frames that can be overlaid onto images for a truly one-of-a-kind INSTAX print. Smartphone images can also be enhanced with artistic filters or by changing the brightness, contrast and saturation of the image. Users can combine up to eight pictures into a single INSTAX print collage via the app. 

Dedicated app designed for intuitive operability

The INSTAX Mini Link app has been designed for intuitive operability such as swiping up on the smartphone screen to easily transfer a picture for printing. The printer can also receive picture data from FUJIFILM’s X Series and GFX System digital cameras via the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app*3 to produce prints.

Using the Mini Link as a remote control

The Link’s main unit carries a built-in motion sensor, so when taking pictures from the INSTAX Mini Link app on a connected smartphone, the printer can be used to remotely control the smartphone camera. For example, a user can zoom in by facing the printer down, zoom out by facing up, and release the shutter by pressing the power button. Users can also print multiple copies of a picture by holding the INSTAX Mini Link upside down and pressing the power button.

I have the Instax Mini LiPlay but is it wrong for me to also want the INSTAX Mini Link?

INSTAX Mini Link smartphone printer will be available in the following colours

The INSTAX Mini Link smartphone printer will be available in three colours – Dusky Pink, Ash White and Dark Denim. The South African release date and retail price of the INSTAX Mini Link will be announced soon.

For more information on the INSTAX Mini Link:


Videos of the INSTAX Mini Link in action, can be found here or here.

If you are planning on buying an Instax camera, I have written quite a bit about these cameras.

Find INSTAX South Africa on:

*1: Bluetooth® work mark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., used under license. 

*2: A free app compatible with Android phones and iPhones. It can be downloaded from Google Play in the case of Android phones and App Store for iPhones. Android and Google Play are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc. iPhone and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc.

*3: The FUJIFILM Camera Remote is a free app for smartphones and tablet devices, provided to users of the X and GFX Series of Fujifilm digital cameras. Pictures in a Wi-Fi-enabled digital camera can be sent one by one to this app so that users can view them on their smartphone (or tablet device).

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”


There is one thing you need to know about the new Instax Mini LiPlay… It is the best Instax ever released and this is why:

  • You can take photos with the digital camera
  • Apply filters and frames
  • Record a voice note and print it to the photo by QR code
  • It has a selfie mirror
  • You can print from your phone
  • It uses the same film as your Instax Mini 8 or 9
  • It is super easy to use

The Instax Mini LiPlay is available in speckled white, black and rose gold. It comes with a strap and battery charging cable. It will set you back over 2k, but if I had to choose… this camera would be top of my list in the instant photo category.

You can also opt to get the Instax SP2 Printer to print photos from your phone, but if you get the LiPlay you have the best of printer and digital camera plus the only camera (as far as I know) that will let you link a voice memo to it.

…and yes, I am well aware that there are places that will print your photos to an Instax film, but they won’t add frames or crop it a little. I did this, at home, in my own time, with my own Instax camera.

…or you could just have your photos printed in the mall. On that note, FujiFilm has developed a new app you install on your phone. You can find the nearest printer that uses the app, load the photos you want to print into the app and send it to your chosen location (you’ll have to pay before they print), but still, no memory sticks and WhatsApping your photos.

The first thing I did with my Instax Mini LiPlay…

Print photos of my mom! Then my kids… The best part was that I could go back in time and print old photos. This camera gave me something that no other camera currently on the market could.

I’m making an album for each of my kids, so that no matter what, they will always remember the good times they had with us.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless…


…and this is where I am

After a big loss you realise what you won’t have anymore. This is where a printed photograph will help you to keep those memories fresh in your mind and the good times close to your heart.

When I was asked to review the Instax SQ20 I didn’t really want to, because I have an Instax LiPlay – and you don’t need more than that in life… or so I thought.

The Instax SQ20 is a hybrid instant camera (shoot – edit – print) which makes it a great gift for any shutterbug. It is a fun camera that takes the gamble out of printing.

What I really like about this camera is automatic flash and colour editing capabilities. I don’t think it has the oolala appeal of an Instax Mini, but has a rather utilitarian design – I’m not complaining. I really, really like the square photos as it offered more space to fit stuff into the frame.

Its features

  • Offers a digital display on the reverse of the camera to let users preview images before printing Video capture and zoom functionality
  • 18 simple filter effects and 6 colour filters to apply with a dial button
  • Up to 4 x zoom
  • Frame-by-frame video grabbing – great when you have kid or cats that won’t sit still
  • Selfie mirror – and if you don’t like it, discard and try again with no printing
  • Built-in memory, microSD/microSDHC memory card

You can find more specification on the Instax website.

The photos of Lexa is from a video and I grabbed my fav 2 frames, applied a B&W filter and voila!
Santon, the cat, is another favourite test subject as it is quite difficult to capture the beauty of black cats – and this little camera did it.

The size & weight

The Instax SQ20 is about the same size as an Instax Mini 8 or 9 – 119 mm x 50 mm x 127 mm/4.7 in. x 2 in. x 5 in. (W x D x H).

It’s quite a heavy little camera at 390 g/13.8oz (excluding film pack and memory card) or 440 g/15.5oz with film pack and memory card

The first day with the Instax SQ20

Lexa has seen Instax cameras and how the film reveals the picture, but this was Lily’s very first time and she was fascinated.

Exploring the Cradle of Humankind with the Instax SQ20

You can read more about the Cradle of Humankind (Maropeng) here. The answer is yes, I took a photo inside a cave at Sterkfontein – keep in mind the light is from the outside and it was pretty dark.

Cradle of Humankind with an Instax

I fell out of love with my Instax Mini 8 and 9. It can’t give me what I need, to print the memories I already have and I can’t move onto capturing new memories just yet.

We were next to my mom’s sickbed for a month, day in, day out from 9 to sometimes after 6. At first we hoped she would get better, get out and give us all hell again. She didn’t get better, she got worse day after day. She shrunk and all we got do was be there until the end.

Those last images of her are etched onto my mind – and those are the only images I want to forget. That is not who she was. That is not her life. That is not her.

She made enough memories to last us a lifetime more – and we have them spread out on albums and in our phones. I’ve started printing them to help me come to terms with the loss of my mom – but also to replace those haunting hospital images in my mind.

memories to last a lifetime

The day I realised what I needed…

I went to the Instax mini LiPlay and Printlife Exhibition launch at Sandton City. I didn’t want to go out just yet, but I’m glad I did because I tried out the FujiFilm SmartPrint app and printed a few photos of my mom and family. The best part of my day was winning an Instax mini LipPlay. This little camera gave me what I wanted, instant print from my camera phone.

Easy LiPlay

I’ll do another post to show you how to create a memory jar with Instax photos – because that’s what I did with these precious photos.

When I was a kid we still had a “sentrale”. You phoned this central point and asked to be connected to a number if it wasn’t a local extension. Maybe this technology was around a little longer where we were than in the cities, I don’t know.

We had a black phone and our number was 303 – serious. There was nothing more satisfying than turning the dial and letting it click back to the beginning. We also had a (long range) radio unit that would let you talk to the neighbours for safety reasons. There were no voicemail services so if you weren’t next to the phone, you missed the call and just never knew about it.

Technology has forever changed the world we live in. We’re online, in one way or another, all day long. Our phones and computers have become reflections of our personalities, our interests, and our identities. They hold much that is important to us.

James Comey

When I was in high school that is when the first cell phones landed in South Africa. They were bricks. If you had enough of them you would probably be able to build a pretty decent house. Suddenly my parents could phone us wherever we were. There was no tracking apps back then, but still, they could check in on you.

I was 18 when I got my own cell phone. It was a blue and had huge buttons and a tiny monochrome screen with no camera. It was cutting edge.

My favourite phone of all time is the pink MotoRZR I had. That metal flip phone was the best thing since sliced bread with a camera and could even go on the internet! Then there was Blackberry with its free BBM – it was the beginning of live phone chats.

Now I’m on my “how many’th” iPhone. Cameras matter more than calling capabilities – and who still call anyways?

Some brands have disappeared off the market, some are barely hangining in, others are making strides and then there are the newbies on the block.

  • iPhone and Samsung has more new launches than I ever thought possible;
  • Nokia even brought a nostalgia version back of the their most popular phone plus they have partnered with Google to run Android;
  • Blackberry reinvented themselves and now also runs Android. I still think the QWERTY keyboard was the best thing ever implemented by them (other than BBM);
  • Huawei seems unstoppable with more affordable phones that still gives superior quality cameras;
  • LG is still making phones and they even had a run at a foldable phone;
  • Alcatel is still also making durable phones as always;
  • Surprises are CAT and Land Rover Explore (listed on the Vodacom website);
  • Honor is a new brand that launched this year. Their current phone has a Front Camera (24MP F/2.0 Aperture) and Rear Camera (13MP + 2MP, F/1.8 + F/2.4 Aperture. To me this looks like a great selfie taker;

Let me know what your favourite phone ever was.