I am so tired. I hate that we are in this situation just because all the gynaecologists I complained to over the years did not listen to my complaints and diagnosed endometrioses. They could have diagnosed this and maybe I would have been able to have kids like other people has. I would NEVER recommend my last gynaecologist at a Life hospital to anyone that would like to have kids.

I have complained to the hospital and to her and she has not had the decency to apologise for her role as physician that she miserably failed in.

Fertility Clinic #1

I was at VL in Johannesburg to receive the initial bad news. Here we were told to find a surrogate ourselves and to do it quickly. We obliged by speaking to all friends, people we know and don’t know – and advertising on Facebook. We finally had a volunteer from Nelspruit and my sister (who isn’t suitable). The Nelspruit lady eventually disappeared before going for the blood tests, but sent through her forms on 3 June – which I immediatly forwarded to the clinic. By 13 June I had left numerous messages on the phone and email for our case worker to get back to me. By end June this really slow case worker finally contacted me to say she didn’t know I was still waiting for an answer…

I was livid.

Then my sister went for her blood tests and after a week I phoned to ask if the case worker had received the results – she didn’t reply. Eventually I emailed her. Another few days passed and I drove to the clinic and threw a huge fit to get VL to send someone 1 floor down to Lancet Laboratories.

I told the woman that eventually pitched that I have had it with VL and that this is the last straw – I will go to another clinic as clearly incompetence is the norm and I do not need the extra stress to have to deal with AH that NEVER responds to any message.

Fertility Clinic # 2

After 9 months of NOTHING happening at VL we moved over to MF and DR C. Another internal sonar, more blood tests, but at least the people seem to more competent and willing to get the ball rolling. Dr C also mentioned that he is willing to put me on DHEA.

I am hopeful that we made the right choice to move clinics.

What tests have I had done thusfar?

AMH, HIV, HEP everything and at MF another internal scan, FSH, Glucose and a bunch of others. I am also back on iron and try to get more sunshine and a variety of veg and fruits in weekly.



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